Little E’s First Time On The Center Parcs Water Slides

You can’t go to Center Parcs without visiting the subtropical swimming paradise. I would like to say it’s Ethan’s favorite part of a stay there but I think he likes everything about Center Parcs. Little E is also a water baby, they really don’t get this from me, and loves our time at the swimming pools.

During our visit to the Winter Wonderland weekend Little E decided that it was time to join her brother on the children’s water slides. I was worried that she wasn’t quite ready for this independence yet but as always she proved me wrong.

Darren would walk Little E to the top of the slides as she still wants to run everywhere and I would wait at the bottom of the slide for her. She loved every minute of it and loved being able to go on the slides with her big brother.

Ethan also loved the fact that his sister was joining him on the slides. He would wait for her at the top of the slides and make sure that they went down at the same time. It was a lovely moment of interaction to capture.

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