Fisher Price 2-in-1 Sensory Stages Bouncer PRODUCT REVIEW

A baby bouncer is an essential piece of kit for your new baby. You need a safe place for your baby to see the world unless you want to hold them for 24 hours a day. As tempting as this can be when your newborn arrives, it really isn’t a practical solution. 

Baby bouncers are a minefield, there are so many to choose from but Little E was very happy to put the Fisher Price Sensory Stages Bouncer to the test. 

Fisher Price 2-in-1 Sensory Stages Bouncer
Fisher Price 2-in-1 Sensory Stages Bouncer
Fisher Price 2-in-1 Sensory Stages Bouncer
Official Product Description 
A bouncer with a toy bar that grows with your developing baby. The two-sided toy bar features developmentally appropriate colours, toys, music and sounds for your growing baby. Little ones can enjoy a high-contrast, black, white and red toy bar that encourages visual skills. Sweet songs and calming vibrations help soothe younger babies too. As baby grows, turn the toy bar around to keep older babies entertained with a colourful toy bar full of animal friends and upbeat tunes and sounds. Three hanging toys delight baby at any age and encourage reaching, grasping and batting. The pull-down flower activates an eye-tracking light-show along the mirror and lion mane.
  • Features soothing vibrations.
  • Comfy head support.
  • Includes lights to captivate baby’s attention.
  • Detachable toy bar with 3 toys.
  • 2 modes of play (long play and baby-activated).
  • 3 point safety harness.
  • Support strap to keep baby secure.
General information:
  • Suitable from birth.
  • Suitable for babies up to 9kg.
  • Removable washable cover – 30°C machine washable.
  • Batteries required 3 x AA, 1 x D (not included).
Our Verdict
We had to assemble the bouncer which was quite easy to do and didn’t take much time. We did struggle a little bit but that was more to do with us working against each other than the bouncer itself. We even had a little helper!
Batteries aren’t included so don’t forget to purchase these otherwise the functions of the bouncer won’t work. 
The seat looks very comfy and even has a detachable head support. The cover is also removable and can be washed, which is perfect if there are any little accidents. Little E has been able to sleep in the bouncer without any problems.
There is also a calming vibrations option on the seat which could help your little one fall to sleep. 

The detachable toy bar is a fantastic idea as not everyone wants to play 24-7. Using age appropriate colours on both sides of the bar, is an added bonus meaning this bouncer grows with your baby’s development.

There are three toys attached to the bar, a crinkle leaf, a rattle flower and a flower that is pulled to activate the lights and music. 
The flower feature and light show is a great feature. The lights grab the baby’s attention and having to pull the flower to activate the music works on their motor skills. Little E isn’t quite ready for this yet but Ethan was quite happy to help her out.  
You can decide which setting you want to use for this, continuous music or baby activated. There is also two volume settings, always an added bonus on children’s toys!
We also like that there is a mirror included on the black and white side of the bar, it is perfectly positioned for Little E to look at herself. 
Little E’s Verdict

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