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When you think of Hot Dogs what to do you think of? I think of a quick meal composing of Hot Dog sausages from a tin and a packet of buns. Perfect for Bonfire Night and watching the fireworks. If you’re lucky you might treat yourself to a Hot Dog at a family BBQ. These might be considered a ‘posh’ version of a Hot Dog, you might even add some onions on top. BUNLIMITED wanted us to rediscover the Hot Dog. They sent us a hamper of their BUNLIMITED goodies inviting us to put their ultimate topping combos to the test!


ethan classic spicy mexican hot dogs

BUNLIMITED sent us two types of Hot Dog. They were Classic Hot Dogs and Spicy Mexican Hot Dogs. They come in packets of four and are easily cooked in the microwave.

ethan chipotle sauce honey mustard sauce

As it’s all about the toppings we also had the BUNLIMITED Chipotle and Honey Mustard Sauce. Not forgetting an amazing pot of BUNLIMITED Crispy Onions.

Testing The BUNLIMITED Flavours

BUNLIMITED wants us all to experiment with topping combinations. But first things first we put their Hot Dogs to the test. I can honestly say the Hot Dogs are the best tasting Hot Dogs I have ever had. Darren will second that and Ethan was very happy to tuck in. The Spicy Mexican Hot Dogs do have a kick to them. I’m not great with spicy food but I found them very enjoyable to eat too.

ethan eating bunlimited hot dog

The Hot Dog Toppings

The only topping I have ever had on a hot dog is tomato sauce. I’m not a mustard or onion person. Darren on the other hand will have the works if it is on offer.

bunlimited chipotle sauce hot dog

I was eager to try the sauces as I do actually love honey and mustard dressing so I wanted to know what a sauce would taste like.

bunlimited honey mustard sauce hot dog

We gave all the sauces a taste test and topped them both with the crispy onions.

bunlimited crispy onions hot dog

Our hot dogs will never be the same again! Long gone are the days of a tomato sauce covered hot dog, our hot dogs will now always be topped with BUNLIMITED toppings. As well as the hot dogs tasting amazing the sauces were a treat to the senses too. Both sauces were lovely and adding the crispy onions took the taste to the next level.

Making A Family Meal With BUNLIMITED

bunlimited hot dogs toppings

As parents of an autistic child, we often have to think outside of the box when it comes to mealtimes. Our son will only eat certain foods so we wanted to challenge ourselves to see what family meal we could make with our hamper of goodies. Pasta is a firm favourite in our house so we wanted to see how our BUNLIMITED could spice up our family meal.

bowl pasta chopped up bunlimited hot dogs

We chopped up the Classic Hot Dogs and added them to a bowl of plain cooked pasta.

honey mustard sauce pouring pasta

Pouring over Honey Mustard Sauce and finishing off our creation with the Crispy Onions.

crispy onions pouring pasta

Our pasta creation tasted amazing! Even the children eagerly tucked in. This meal will certainty be added to our family meal favourite list.

pasta bunlimited hot dogs toppings

BUNLIMITED has really made us think about our future Hot Dog creations. We are already planning our next family hot dog meal using the Spicy Mexican Hot Dogs topped with Chipotle Sauce and cheese. We can’t wait!

If you would like to try the BUNLIMITED range their products can be found both online and in-store at your local TESCO, ASDA, Morrisons or Sainsburys.

DISCLOSURE – We received the BUNLIMITED Hamper for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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