grohush Baby Calmer

We have been sent a grohush baby calmer to put to the test.

GroHush Baby Calmer

The grohush is a unique calming device that delivers soothing white noise that only your baby can hear.

At the moment we are testing this with Little E. She can sometimes get distressed when she is going to sleep, when she was very young should would cry from 5pm until 8pm straight. We are also thinking of moving her into her own cot soon so we are interested to see if the grohush will help with this process.

We are also wondering if the grohush can be used to help Ethan self soothe at bedtime. His sleeping habits have been a complete nightmare since he was one years old, it’s an autistic trait. If it could help Ethan to learn how to self soothe, his sleeping habits might get a little easier!

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