Harry Potter 3D Effect Jigsaw Puzzle REVIEW

Harry Potter 3D Effect Jigsaw Puzzle REVIEW

Everyone knows I love Disney but I also love Harry Potter. As well as supplying a 3D puzzle for our Christmas giveaway Kidicraft sent me a lovely Harry Potter 3D Effect Jigsaw Puzzle to review. I haven’t completed a puzzle in years so I was happy to take some time to review one.

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Harry Potter 3D Effect Jigsaw Puzzle REVIEW

Hedwig Harry Potter 3D Effect Jigsaw Puzzle

This Harry Potter puzzle is created using 3D lenticular print. Its main focal point is Harry Potter’s Snowy Owl Hedwig with the Hogwarts Castle in the background. This jigsaw puzzle has 300 pieces and is aimed at children of at least 6 years old.

hedwig harry potter 3d effect jigsaw puzzle

What Did I Love About Harry Potter 3D Effect Jigsaw Puzzle?

I really wasn’t sure what a 3D Effect puzzle would look like or how it would work being a flat puzzle. The box of the puzzle shows you how the completed puzzle will look. It is hard to explain but the puzzle really is 3D. As you look at the puzzle and move from side to side you can really see it stand out.

puzzle pieces

When I first looked at the puzzle pieces I did think this puzzle would take me some time to complete. The pieces didn’t look easy to piece together, and they, of course, all have the 3D movement. I started the puzzle like you would any other and pieced together the edges.

puzzle edges

I did this by matching the colours of the puzzle pieces and also the Harry Potter text placed on the base of the puzzle. It didn’t take me that long to complete the frame of the puzzle.

When I started to fill the puzzle I did find it quite hard but I worked out that I had to take into consideration the 3D element of the puzzle. This is because depending on the way you looked at the puzzle piece the contents of it sometimes changed. With this in mind and following my matching colours formula, it wasn’t long before I completed the jigsaw puzzle.

complete hedwig harry potter 3d effect jigsaw puzzle

It created a beautiful Harry Potter image. The detail is amazing and the 3D element really makes the colour pop. I think this puzzle would be great to frame and display. It really is a perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan.

Kidicraft has six Harry Potter jigsaw puzzles available in this range. Two of them are 500 piece puzzles. They all complete amazing images.

I really enjoyed reviewing this puzzle and I think I need to make more time for puzzles in my life.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Hedwig Harry Potter 3D Effect Jigsaw Puzzle for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of products.

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