Elli Smiles Review - The Doll That Really Smiles

Elli Smiles Review – The Doll That Really Smiles

Little E has been a really lucky girl this year as she has been sent some lovely items from Zapf Creation to review. This includes lots of lovely Baby Born items and we were even invited to a Baby Annabell Halloween event and got the chance to meet Annabel Karmel. Zapf Creation has recently released a new interactive doll, Elli Smiles, and they asked if Little E would like to review her.

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Elli Smiles Review

Elli Smiles

Elli Smiles is an interactive doll that can really smile. She comes with an interactive necklace that helps her recognise her Mummy or Daddy. When you are nearby, wearing the necklace, she will say Mama and smile at you.

little e elli smiles boxed

When Elli is tired give her the dummy and rock her to sleep, she will soon close her eyes. Make sure you don’t make lots of noise and wake her up because she might just start to cry.

Elli has over 15 baby functions and she can use her face to help express some of these. She also babbles, cries and burbs just like a real baby.

Not only that, you can give her water to drink and she will use the potty. She is just like having a real baby.

little e feeding elli smiles

What Will You Find Inside The Box?

  • 1 Elli Smiles Doll
  • A Potty
  • 1 Nappy
  • A Drinking Bottle
  • A Dummy
  • 1 Interactive Necklace
elli smiles box contents

Please Note Elli Smiles requires 3 x AA batteries. The battery required for the interactive necklace is supplied in the box.


What Did Little E Love About Elli Smiles?

Little E was amazed that Elli could smile, she also loved that this doll called her Mama. When we opened her box she wanted Elli to look at her first so that she knew that Little E was her Mama. She was also fascinated with the interactive necklace that she had to wear.

little e holding elli smiles

Little E loves how soft Elli Smiles is. Her face is soft so that she can smile and make other expressions. Her body is soft even though there are mechanics inside to make her face move and use the potty. She does have plastic hands and feet but they are also soft to touch.

Little E also loves the sounds and actions Elli makes when she is drinking her water. Her mouth moves just like a real baby and she makes sucking sounds.

You can see Elli Smiles’s actions in our below video.

What Did I Love About Elli Smiles?

Little E has never had a doll that has been this interactive. We have had dolls that drink water and use the potty but Elli Smiles really is like a real baby. The sounds she makes and her actions brought me back to when our children were young.

You can hear the mechanics of Elli Smiles as she smiles but I wouldn’t say it was enough to interrupt play. It isn’t any louder than any other toys with mechanics that we have played with in the past.

I think Elli Smiles is a great doll for children of all ages. They will love playing ‘Mama’ and having her smile at them.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted Elli Smiles for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of products.

2 thoughts on “Elli Smiles Review – The Doll That Really Smiles”

  1. How do you turn the sound off when she sleeps? As it can drsin the battery and get pretty annoying if the sounds were kept on all the time

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I’m sure she powered down into sleep mode (like switching off) when left alone for a while. So the sound stops etc.

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