Kite Flying With Kitedrone Fusionwing

I remember reading that flying a kite with your children should be on their childhood bucket list. It is something I have wanted to do with our children but we just haven’t had the chance. Did you know that February 8th was National Kite Flying Day? Character Options sent us a Kitedrone Fusionwing kite so that we could experience the fun of kite flying as a family.

Kite Flying With Kitedrone Fusionwing

The History Of Kites

Kites originated in China in 470 B.C. The history and the origins of kites relate to the way wind blows the leaves on the trees. The shelters the people used to live in. The way the sails on their ships blew in the wind and the hats they used to wear on their heads.

These days kite flying can be an activity for kite enthusiasts or a family activity for parents and children alike. Kitedrone hopes that they will be able to transform the kite flying experience for beginners.

The Kitedrone Fusionwing Red Baron

Kitedrone is an impressive range of kites available in both Aircraft and Twinstar styles. They come in their own transport tube and can fly up to 90 metres in the air.

kitedrone fusionwing red baron kite flying

We were sent the Aircraft style Kitedrone, Fusionwing Red Baron, which requires no assembly. It also has an impressive 1.5 metre wingspan. It also has air pockets in the body that inflate the fuselage and engine pods to increase its flying performance.

Our Kitedrone Kite Flying Experience

When I knew we would be getting the chance to review a kite I knew the perfect place to go. Frinton-on-Sea has a perfect grass area that people often use for kite flying. The day we decided to visit it was quite windy. Thankfully the Fusionwing has two attachment settings for the kite string. A position for high winds and a position for low winds.

kitedrone fusionwing kite flying ethan

The Kitedrone Fusionwing states that it requires no assembly but you do have to fix a kite pole in place before you can fly your kite. This was a little bit of a struggle on our windy day but we got there in the end.

kitedrone fusionwing kite flying darren

Darren was in charge of the kite flying. Unbeknown to me this was his first time flying a kite.

kite flying little e

The children tried to help me launch the kite up into the sky. They got the hang of it in the end with a bit of help. As well as doing this they also chased the kite. They had so much fun running around after the kite it was lovely to see.

kite flying ethan little e

The Kitedrone gave us such and fun and a memorable afternoon as a family. We spent over an hour at Frinton-on-Sea flying our kite. The video below shows our time with our kite.

I really can’t wait to go and fly our kite again as a family. I’m hoping we will be able to take it with us on our beach days in the summer. It was so nice to see the children enjoying being outside for so long. They laughed so much flying the kite. We really did enjoy ourselves.

The Kitedrone Fusionwing Red Baron has an RRP of £29.99.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Kitedrone Fusionwing Red Baron for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products. *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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