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    Visiting Frinton-on-Sea On New Years Day

    We love to visit Frinton-on-sea on New Years Day. It has become one of our traditions. Unfortunately, due to Darren’s shift work, we have been unable to make this visit for the past few years. This year we were determined to visit again. After taking down our Christmas tree in the morning we headed to Frinton-on-Sea in the afternoon. We normally visit beaches in the morning. This is normally the quietest and best time for Ethan. Little did we know that by visiting in the afternoon we would be in for a treat! Both children were really excited to visit the beach. Due to Darren’s shift work, we had been…

  • Out and About

    A Siblings Walk – Frinton on Sea

    I’m trying to get braver with our Sibling Project photos and capture the children out and about more. So for January’s Sibling photo we took the children to Frinton-on-Sea. It was a very windy and it was freezing cold but I managed to capture this moment with our siblings. We wasn’t at the beach for long as it was just too cold but I did manage to take a few photos of our time there. Using the GoPro I was also able to capture our walk on video. I do love the freedom the GoPro gives us, it keeps our hands free so we can keep our children safe and…

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    Frinton on Sea – Our New Years Day Tradition

    We don’t have many traditions but there are some things that are definitely starting to become traditions in our family. Our favorite one being our New Years Day visit to see the sea. I always feel that we are stuck in the house between Christmas and New Year’s. The days have a nothingness feel to them and visiting the sea really makes you feel like you are starting a fresh new year. What was different, and lovely, about this year is that my brother and his family were also able to join us. I checked the high and low tide times as I wanted to make sure we would be…

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