Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids

With just over 6 shopping days left until Christmas day I thought I would share with you my ideas for last minute Christmas gifts for kids.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids Stocking Filler Ideas – Gifts £10 and Under

Who’s That Girl? Selfie Masks

whos that girl selfie masks

Each individual mask from Who’s That Girl contains light aloe that gently cleans and softens your skin. The masks look like IRL filters which are perfect for taking a selfie. Each set contains a panda face mask, a unicorn face mask, and a rainbow nose strip.

Baby Art – My Christmas Fairy – Handprint Christmas Decoration Kit

baby art my christmas fairy handprint christmas decoration kit

A great gift for capturing and making memories. Paint print Christmas ball for babies and toddlers aged from 0 months+ will make a wonderful personal Christmas bauble. It is very simple to make an impression of your little one’s hand and there is no baking required. Everything you need is included in the box. The paint is also dermatologically tested for children’s skin. There are four colours available silver, gold, red and ocean.

Style 4 Ever DIY Unicorn

style 4 ever DIY unicorn

The Style 4 Ever DIY Unicorn is a unicorn that glows in the dark. With this creative set you can decorate your very own unicorn. You can decorate the unicorn with gems, transfers and glitter stickers. To see the unicorn we decorated visit our review.

Crate Creatures Bashers

crate creatures bashers guang

Are you brave enough to unleash the Crate Creatures Bashers? If you are inside you will find a perfect play buddy. There are 12 Crate Creatures Bashers to collect including; Blizz, Flea, Guang, Crosseyes, Stubbs, Cappa, Pudge, SnortHog, Tenta, Sizzle, Tugger and Croak. Each Basher has their own crazy personality. They have brightly coloured tongues and crazy eyes. Pull the create creatures tongue to hear the fun and gross sounds. When they hit the floor they make even more weird sounds. Read our review to find out the fun we had with our Crate Creatures Bashers.

Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean Products

scrubbingtons bath products

The products from Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean and made just for children. These products magically foam, they contain 98% of natural products, come in easy squeeze bottles and have a moisturising fresh fragrance. We reviewed Professor Scrubbington’s products with Ethan in 2015. The above photo shows the Cotton Soft Bubble Bath, Magically Foaming Hand and Face Wash and the Magically Foaming Hair and Body Wash. They have an RRP of £3.99 each and can be purchased online from Scrubbingtons. You can also find these products online at Amazon.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids Small Gift Ideas – Gifts £20 and Under

Who’s That Girl? Beauty Tattoos

whos that girl beauty tattoos

Update your style daily with the mix and match beauty tattoos from Who’s That Girl. Use tattoo stamper to stamp on fun designs then and also add shiny metallic freckles. This set includes a heart stamper, a moon stamper, star stamper pens, and 1 sheet of metallic freckles tattoos.

So Slime DIY Case

so slime diy case

With So Slime DIY you can make your own slime in minutes. It’s easy just add glitter, decorations and colourful slime powder to the shaker to create neon slime. This slime is entirely your own design.

Untamed by Fingerlings

untamed fingerlings raptor dino blaze boxed

Untamed by Fingerlings is the new range of interactive finger pet dinosaurs. Just like the original Fingerlings these dinos are small amazing interactive pets. They hold tightly onto your finger and are able to respond to your touch and the sound of your voice. The Untamed Fingerlings have two different personalities. The can either play in tamed mode or untamed mode depending on their mood. You can find out more about these modes in our Fingerlings Raptor Dino Blaze Review.

Herodrive Signal Squad

herodrive vehicles herodrive signal squad batman

The Herodrive signal squad vehicles free wheeling cars which leave you in control of the superhero play. Press the logo on the bonnet of this vehicle to project and super signal. You can find our review of the Herodrive range here

Little Tikes Swim to Me Puppy

little tikes swim to me puppy swimming goggles

This Little Tikes Swim to me Puppy is part of the Cute Lil’ Pups range. A stray pup who needs to be adopted, cared for and played with. He comes with his own adoption certificate. Take this puppy for a walk on his lead or swimming in your bath or swimming pool. You will be able to have lots of fun with this new friend. Read our review of the Swim to me Puppy here

Pull My Finger Game

pull my finger game

The Pull My Finger game is a hilarious game that the whole family can play. Mr Buster, the monkey, has an inflatable butt! The aim of the game is to pull his finger to inflate his butt. The question is how big will his butt get? Watch out as Mr Buster will pop. Avoid his pops to win the game. Our review of the Pull My Finger Game can be found here.

pull my finger game monkey mr buster

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids Main Gift Ideas

Smooshins Surprise Maker Kit

smooshins surprise maker kit

Which Smooshins will you make? Make, customize and collect super cute, colourful smooshy characters again and again with this set. Smooshins is the only cute, collectible fidget toy! Surprise Maker Kit includes everything needed to make 2 characters. Customise each character with the supplied accessory pieces. This set includes 2 character molds, 4 colour pouches, 4 headpieces, 4 surprise face pieces, 4 belly pieces, 4 character stands, 1 pouch squeezing tool.

Herodrive Bat Racer

herodrive vehicles herodrive batman racer

The Herodrive Bat Racer is part of the Herodrive range. The Bat Racer features hero music, engine sounds, and lights which you can activate by pressing the Batman logo button. Pressing the button twice makes this motorized vehicle race forward.

My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden

Fairy Light Garden box my fairy garden

The Fairy Light Garden set is the ultimate My Fairy Garden play set. Create a beautiful home for the fairies Heather and Evie and their friends the baby unicorn and hedgehog. Included in this My Fairy Garden play set is an enchanted fairy mushroom home that is also a nightlight. Blowing through the window on the magic candle will make it light up. The light is also accompanied with gentle harp music. To see the garden we created visit our review.

Club Petz Mystery Mao

club petz mystery mao contents

If your children love cats Mystery Mao is a cat for them. But he isn’t a normal cat, he is a cat with special powers. Use his magic wand and cast a spell to bewitch him. When he is bewitched his eyes light up and he is able to talk to you. Mystery Mao is a very clever cat. He can play guessing games with you to guess which animal, sport or item of clothing you are thinking of. He even knows what time of day it is. We reviewed Mystery Mao when he visted us in the October half term.

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Explorer AR

oregon scientific smart globe explorer smart pen pull out tray

This amazing interactive globe is a fantastic learning tool. Your whole family will be amazed with the knowledge it holds. This is a toy that really will grow with your child. It also connects to the internet so all its facts and figures are up-to-date. Not only can you learn about the earth this globe opens up too. Teaching you about the Earths core and our space and universe. I have written a detailed review of the Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Explorer AR.

oregon scientific smart globe explorer earths core solar system

Little Tikes Shop n Learn Smart Checkout

little tikes shop n learn smart checkout

This Little Tikes toy takes role pays to the next level. Through play the Little Tikes Shop n Learn Smart Checkout can teach your child about different food items and how to buy and pay for food at the supermarket. As well as free play the Shop n Learn Smart Checkout uses Bluetooth technology to interact with tablets. This adds an extra dimension to their play. We created a full review of the Little Tikes Shop n Learn Smart Checkout which goes into full detail of what this toy can do.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the items in this post and used them to create a gift guide of  last minute christmas gifts for kids. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products. *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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