Lego Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone

Lego is a big part of our lives. From building blocks to days out at Legoland Windsor. When looking at Christmas gift ideas I spotted some lovely Lego Christmas gift ideas which I thought I would share with you all.

Lego Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone

LEGO Lunchboxs

lego lunchboxes

These lunchboxes are licensed by LEGO. Designed to look like a LEGO brick they’re just like the real thing but a hundred times bigger! The child-sized LEGO lunchboxes come in several colours. There are also matching LEGO drinking bottles and LEGO mini-storage boxes to store nuts snacks are available to purchase.

The LEGO lunchboxes are 7.5cm high x 10cm wide x 20cm long. They have an RRP of £9.00.

Children’s LEGO-Like Dinner Set

childrens lego like dinner set

A four piece dinner set that looks like LEGO is set to make mealtimes fun. Consisting of a colourful placemat, bowl, spoon and fork. They interlock just like LEGO bricks. The mat is compatible with standard LEGO Duplo bricks. Which will hopefully help keep little ones entertained at mealtimes.

The placemat is 29cm high x 38cm wide. The bowl is 17.5cm high x 17.5cm wide. This LEGO-Like Dinner Set has an RRP of £20.00 But is on special offer at the moment for £10.00.

LEGO Minifigure Display Case

LEGO minifigure display case

Perfect for LEGO Minifigure collectors these LEGO Minifigure display cases are officially licensed by LEGO. Just like LEGO bricks, each Minifigure storage display case can be locked together stacking them to create a LEGO tower.

There are two display sizes available. A small case, shown in black above, is designed to hold half of a Minifigure collection. The red case can hold a full collection. Each case has grid plates for your Minifigures to stand on which slide in and out of the case. They also have a crystal clear, hinged door for easy access. There are holes in the back if you want to wall-mount your collections. They can also be free standing.

The small case is 18.4cm high x 19.1cm wide x 4.7cm deep and has an RRP of £15.00. The large case is 18.4cm high x 38.2cm wide x 4.7cm deep and has an RRP of £25.00.

Giant LEGO Man Storage Head

giant LEGO man storage head

I love this LEGO man storage head not only is it perfect for storing LEGO bricks but I think you could store anything you like in it. Its shape and size could accommodate many different items. A talking point in any room this storage box could be a perfect fit in any home.

The LEGO man storage head is 28cm high x 24cm across. It has a RRP of £21.95.

Giant LEGO Storage Brick Drawers

giant LEGO storage brick drawers colours

We have the original LEGO Brick storage boxes for Ethan’s room. I love them but they can be tricky to maneuver when looking for the items you have stored. Just like the original LEGO brick the storage bricks click together. Having handy storage drawers the contents can be instantly accessed. No need for having to unstack and re-stack like the original blocks.

The large LEGO Storage Drawer Brick has 2 internal drawers. They have chunky cut out handles that make it easy for little hands to open. The drawers can also be fully removed but have an innovative drawer-stop to prevent them falling out.

The large LEGO storage brick is 15cm high x 50cm wide x 25cm deep. The internal drawers are 10cm high x 21.5cm wide x 22cm deep. They have a RRP of £34.00.

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