LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets REVIEW

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets REVIEW

Little E’s Easter bundle of LOL Surprise gifts included items for an Easter Egg Hunt, LOL Surprise Hairgoals, LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets, and LOL Surprise Lils. In this review, we share with you what we found in the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets Makeover Series set.

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets REVIEW

LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets

lol surprise fuzzy pets

The LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets come covered in soft fuzz. You can wash the fuzz off the pet to reveal your character underneath. This means you can collect multiples of the same pet and style the fuzz to make them look different. In this series, there are 18 pets to collect. The following pets are available

Popular Pets

  • Yin Hoot – Opposites Club
  • Shorty Kitty – Glee Club
  • Bunny Champ – Athletic Club
  • Pup Swing – Dance Club
  • Jivin’ KatRetro Club
  • Go-Go BirdieRetro Club
  • Kansas K9 – Storybook Club
  • Eau De Splatters – Art Club
  • Purrfect Shapes – Art Club

Fancy Pets

  • Neigh Majesty – Glam Club
  • Ice Barker – Athletic Club
  • Stage OwlDance Club
  • Wild Waves – Swim Club
  • Racoon-Stronaut – S.T.E.M Club

Rare Pets

  • Goo-Goo Mew-Mew – The Glitterati
  • Glitter Poodle – The Glitterati

Ultra-Rare Pets

  • The Great Ferret – Glam Club
  • Bhaddie Monkey – Storybook Club

The pets come in a shampoo bottle package which contains 7 surprises. The shampoo bottle also transforms into a bath, purse and, playset.

shampoo bottle package lol surprise fuzzy pets

Who Did We Find Inside Our LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets?

Little E’s LOL Surprise contained Stage Owl from the Dance Club.

stage owl dance club lol surprise fuzzy pets

She also discovered the following surprises inside…

…a litter tray…

lol litter tray lol surprise fuzzy pets

…containing sand.

lol litter tray sand lol surprise fuzzy pets

A pink scooper for the sand.

pink scooper lol surprise fuzzy pets

In the sand Little E found purple shoes for her pet.

purple shoes

A drinking cup, which looks like a milk carton complete with a missing pet image on the side.

drinking cup milk carton

And a pink bow collar.

pink bow collar

You can watch us unboxing all of the LOL Surprise items in the video below…

What Did Little E Love About This Range?

Little E loves animals, it was no surprise that this was the LOL product that she wanted to open first. She loved the litter tray and the sand. Finding something in the sand was a great surprise for her. She was a little disappointed that her pet inside wasn’t a cat. It made her want to buy more so that she can find the cat pet.

What Do I Love About This Range?

I knew that Little E would love the Fuzzy Pets. I was surprised by the number of accessories included in this set. Washing the fuzz off of the pet also adds to the surprise. I did think washing the pet would be messier but the fuzz clumped together in the water. Making the fuzz easy to dispose of.


We also reviewed the LOL Surprise Furniture Packs. You can discover what we found inside in our review post.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

*This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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