LOL Surprise Lils REVIEW

LOL Surprise Lils, Surprise Doll REVIEW

The bundle of LOL Surprise gifts that Little E was sent for Easter included items for an Easter Egg Hunt, LOL Surprise Hairgoals, LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets, and two LOL Surprise Lils. In this review, we share with you what we found in both LOL Surprise Lils Makeover Series sets.

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LOL Surprise Lils REVIEW

LOL Surprise Lils

lol surprise lils

The LOL Surprise Lils have lots of Lils surprises to discover inside. You might find a pet, a Lils sis or even a Lils brother. In this series, there are 18 Lils characters to collect. The following Lils are available

Popular Lils

  • Pup In The Woods – Chill Out Club
  • Lil Leading Baby – Glam Club
  • Lil Caddy Boi – Athletic Club
  • Pup Cheer – Athletic Club
  • Lil Bron Cheer – Athletic Club
  • Oops Ham – Glee Club
  • Fierce Meow – Glee Club
  • Cuervo Bonito – Spooky Club
  • Hammy Tide – Swim Club

Fancy Lils

  • #Lilinstagold – 24K Gold
  • #Instabunny – 24K Gold
  • Her Lil Majesty – Glam Club
  • Jet Set Hop Hop – Glam Club
  • Lil Jet Set Q.T – Glam Club
  • Lil Pharaoh Babe – Theater Club
  • Witchay Kittay – Spooky Club

Rare Lils

  • Lil Agent Baby – The Glitterati

Ultra-Rare Lils

  • Agent Purr – The Glitterati

The Lils come in a hair curler package which contains 5 surprises. This curler can also be used in your own hair. It doubles as a bed or bath for your Lil. Dip your Lil in water to discover a colour change surprise.

hair curler package lol surprise lils

Who Did We Discover Inside Our LOL Surprise Lils?

Little E had two LOL Surprise Lils to open. In her first hair curler package, she discovered Her Lil Majesty from the Glam Club.

her lil majesty glam club lol surprise lils

Her Lil Majesty’s accessories included a red bow bag…

red bow bag

…and her very own crown.

red gold crown

In Little E’s second hair curler package, she discovered Oops Ham from the Glee Club.

oops ham glee club lol surprise lils

Oops Ham’s accessories included a baseball cap…

oops baseball cap

…and a collar with a pink tie to wear.

collar pink tie

You can watch us unboxing all of the LOL Surprise items in the video below…

What Does Little E Love About This Range?

Little E wasn’t that impressed with the Lil sister but she loved the hamster. For her, it is always about the animals. I think she likes the idea of the smaller sets but she has had more fun with the Fuzzy Pets range.

What Do I Love About This Range?

I love that this range makes the LOL Surprise dolls available for all budgets. These are the cheapest set from the Makeover Series. There are lots of Lils and accessories to collect too. There is a great mix of Lils and animals to discover in this range. I know Little E would have preferred to find two animals in her hair curler package.

We also reviewed the LOL Surprise Furniture Packs. You can discover what we found inside in our review post.

DISCLOSURE – We received he LOL Surprise Lils as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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