My Fairy Garden – Fairy Light Garden REVIEW

Having already reviewed the Magic Bean Pot and Fairy Flowerpot from the My Fairy Garden range. I knew that Little E would love to review the new Fairy Light Garden set. With this set not only can you create a beautiful fairy garden. It also includes a fairy home that doubles as a night-light.

Fairy Light Garden REVIEW

What Is The Fairy Light Garden?

The Fairy Light Garden set is the ultimate My Fairy Garden play set. With this set you can create a beautiful home for the fairies Heather and Evie. Along with their friends the baby unicorn and hedgehog. Included in this My Fairy Garden play set is an enchanted fairy mushroom home that is also a nightlight. Blowing through the window on the magic candle will make it light up. The light is also accompanied with gentle harp music. You will also find a secret home for your hedgehog friend. Use the pretty bridge to connect to other gardens fairy gardens that you own. The Fairy Light Garden also has two areas to grow a lawn using the grass seeds provided.

Fairy Light Garden box my fairy garden

Whats Included In The Box?

  • Fairy Garden Bowl
  • Light-up Musical Fairy House
  • Raised Growing Bed
  • Raised Decking with Hedgehog House
  • Fairy Heather Figure
  • Fairy Evie Figure
  • Hedgehog Figure
  • Unicorn Foal Figure
  • Fairy Mushroom
  • Fairy Bridge with Flowers
  • Posts with Cords & Bunting Sticker Sheet
  • Packet of Grass Seeds
  • Coloured Gravel
  • Fairy Dust in Vial
  • Fairy Flowers
  • Full Colour Instruction Booklet
Please note that 2 x AAA batteries are required for the Musical Fairy House. They are not included.

Fairy Light Garden

What Did Little E Love About The Fairy Light Garden?

Little E loves the My Fairy Garden play sets so she was very excited about opening this set. She loves that this set comes with two fairies and even fairy friends. Little E helped me build her garden and has played with this set alongside her other fairy garden sets. She loves the light up fairy house. It did take her a few attempts to work out how to switch it on. She loves that she can take this little light up house up to bed with her.

Fairy Light Garden

You can see us unboxing the Fairy Light Garden set and building our garden in the video below.

What We Love About The Fairy Light Garden?

I love the amount of items included in this set. Two fairies give more options for role-playing. Even more with the extra fairy friends. The bridge gives you the option to add to extra sets. Making it easy to connect to your other fairy play sets. We love the light up fairy house. It gives you a whole new dimension to your fairy garden collections.

Fairy Light Garden

The My Fairy Garden Fairy Light Garden has a RRP of £29.99 and is for ages 4+.


DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Fairy Light Garden for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products. *This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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