Our Siblings During October 2018

This year really is flying past! This time last year we were getting ready to take the children on their big adventure to Walt Disney World. They have had a sneaky Disneyland Paris trip in that time too. I have so many memories to share on this blog for them. I will get there one day! Now it’s time to share our October memories for this month’s siblings post.

This month has been all about getting used to the school run. I have worked out I’m now walking four miles a day and the children are walking two. I have never looked forward to a half term break like the one next week. Normally we worry about the lack of routine it will bring for Ethan. But we all need a little break.

siblings october 18

Ethan is still being nice and calm at home and at school. There have been a few moments were we wonder if the throwing will start again but, fingers crossed, so far so good. Walking to school with both of them has been a big challenge for me. I can’t leave the house with both children on my own but we are coping. Ethan is getting confident now and pushing boundaries. There are issues with him running out in the roads. He has no fear of cars so I must have eyes everywhere.

siblings october 18

Little E is still struggling with school. We had a very bad week of crying but last week was easier. Tears are always close to the surface but we are holding them back by counting down the days to half term. Little E also has an inset day so I have promised her a special day of just us.

As a family we have been very busy with the blog this month. The children have been very lucky and have had lots of items sent to review. I have told them they are helping Father Christmas test the toys. Ethan has been sent a Cozmo robot to test and we have also been working with Little Tikes. I’m busy editing the videos for our YouTube channel and writing all of our reviews.

little tikes stem jr launch event ethan little e

We did visit London this month for the Little Tikes STEM Jr Range launch. The children had a great time and it was nice to meet people in person. From fellow bloggers to the PR’s we review items for.

October really has been a busy month for our siblings and all of us as a family. I’m hoping we have the chance to have a few days out together over the half term. Weather and work permitting.

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