Noddy’s House Playset REVIEW

The children were sent Noddy’s House Playset to review over the October half term but due to my terrible cold they didn’t start playing with it until the beginning of the month. I didn’t know what they would think of Noddy’s house as it’s not a programme that we watch regularly in our house but it was a big hit from the moment we opened the box.


The Noddy house playset contains the house, Noddy, Noddy’s car, a sticker sheet and an instruction manual.


You can also buy additional figures to go with the set and we were supplied with Fuse and a racer.


Noddy’s house also makes different sounds which are activated by the press of a button. There are a selection of sounds that include the doorbell, Noddy’s bell ringing and his dog barking. The house does require two AAA batteries but the playset did come supplied with some already in place. You can hear an example of the sounds that are made in the below video.

Ethan and Litte E’s Verdict

Both Ethan and Little E love to play with Noddy’s house, and it has been the most used playset they have ever owned. Little E loves Noddy and his car and I think the fact that you can sit Noddy in his car makes it more appealing. They have both found the figures easy to maneuver around the playset and the ramp is a clear highlight for them. 

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Our Verdict

We think this playset is value for the money it costs as it has been played with so much. We have other playsets that contain characters they know and they haven’t had this much attention. The sounds that the house makes are set at a nice level, we haven’t yet felt like we need to somehow reduce the volume. We also found that because the sounds are only activated when the button is pushed they aren’t constantly being activated as the children were too busy playing.

For storage the lift easily flips up and the ramp is easy to remove making the house quite compact. We did find that the front door of the house popped off easily but I think there maybe a safety reason for this. It was very quick and easy to put back in place.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted Noddy’s House Playset in return for writing this review. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the product.

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