Our Friend Peppa Pig

Little E has started to become attached to one of her soft toys over the past few weeks. It’s not just any soft toy its her Peppa Pig soft toy that nana got for her when she was a baby. Being attached to a soft toy is a good thing when it comes to child development. Ethan has never had an attachment to a toy which is an autistic trait, and to be honest I was a little concerned about Little E. She has quite a few soft toys in her cot but never really pays any attention to any of them. I then did realise that Little E does actually have an attachment to her musical pink seahorse that we got her for her first Christmas. She has to have it to sleep and we actually have two as one was left at nursery by mistake.

The attachment to Peppa Pig has been taken to a new level and it has really developed over the past two weeks. Little E loves watching Peppa Pig on the TV and will now ask for it to be on through the day. Our friend Peppa Pig is now always brought downstairs in the morning. She sits in the high-chair with Little E for meals and next to her on the sofa. Peppa Pig now also has to come out with us, her first trip out was to the park.


She has even been taken to nursery where they visited Santa’s grotto and Little E pointed out lots of different things to Peppa. Little E also shares her meals with Peppa and today she was even taken to our swimming lesson. I did have to separate the two friends and leave Peppa in the locker but thankfully Little E took that very well.

I do love the relationship that Little E is forming with Peppa Pig but I’m petrified that our friend Peppa Pig might get lost somewhere along the way. I’m actually tempted to buy a spare just incase. I’m also wondering if we should try Little E with a bigger Peppa Pig toy but I have a feeling it might be rejected.

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  1. This is very cute! It must also be quite a relief to you.
    My daughter was very attached to a George the Pig when she was 3. She took him everywhere. Then she got Peppa and started carrying her around too. When she also got Suzy Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit and was trying to carry all four of them around under her arms at once it got a bit out of hand! Even though she’s 10 and a half now, they’re all still on display in her bedroom 🙂

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