Organix Finger Foods – Red Pepper Hearts REVIEW

Little E was sent some Organix Finger Foods Red Pepper Hearts to try.

Organix Finger Foods Red Pepper Hearts

The Red Pepper hearts are for stage 2 weaning, age from 7 months.

Organix Finger Foods Red Pepper HeartsOrganix Finger Foods Red Pepper Hearts

What Organix say

Ideal for babies from 7+ months (Stage 2) who are learning to feed themselves, these hearts will help your little one discover and learn about different shapes, textures and tastes.

The chunky shaped hearts are easy to pick up and perfect for getting little fingers moving, gripping, grasping and picking up – which is great for helping little ones practicing and perfecting their hand-eye co-ordination.

Organix Organic Red Pepper Hearts come with the Organix No Junk Promise – reassurance for parents that there’s no added sugar, salt, or artificial colours or flavours, just honest organic ingredients.


Little E’s Verdict

At the moment Little E is all about playing with her food, most of it ends up being banged on the table top rather than in her mouth. She found it easy to pick up the heart-shaped snack and also enjoyed sucking on them when I guided them into her mouth.

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Our Verdict

We love that these snacks are organic and are made that they melt in the mouth. This means we aren’t concerned about choking. They are a perfect snack for on the go as you can easily pop them on your bag.

Ethan’s Verdict

What we wasn’t expecting was for Ethan to show an interest in Little E’s snack. He happily shared them with her, I don’t think Little E had much chance to protest! We did buy Organix Finger Foods for Ethan when he was weaning but never thought that he would still continue to enjoy them. This means they have been included on our shopping list for both children.

Organix Organic Red Pepper Hearts have an RRP 75p for a 20g bag.   You’ll find them in Asda, Sainsbury’s and online at Ocado.

DISCLAIMER – We were gifted the Organix Finger Foods Red Pepper Hearts for the purposes of this review. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

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