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Word Of The Week

Word Of The Week – Calm

This week our word of the week is


It is the last week before Ethan starts school and he has spent it at home with us enjoying the Easter holiday.

Normally a holiday throws Ethan out because he misses his routine but this week has felt very calm. I’m not sure if it’s the calm before the storm or if somehow Ethan is prepared for the change next week will bring and he is ready for it. Only time will tell!

With Ethan’s throwing phase stopped for the moment this also brings with it a nice a calm house. When normally we would be trying to keep Ethan busy with trips out of the house, we have been enjoying the calm at home. There has also been some lovely moments with Ethan and Little E enjoying each others company.

I have also been suffering from anxiety issues lately and this week I have felt more calm, so much so that even Darren commented on the change in me this week. I really hope this calm continues next week and helps us through the big changes that we all face with Ethan starting school.

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