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OSMO Creative Starter Kit REVIEW

In June Little E got the chance to review the OSMO Genius Kit for our iPad. We instantly fell in love with OSMO’s home learning capabilities. We have also been sent the OSMO Creative Starter Kit to review. In this review, we show you what this set can do.

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OSMO Creative Starter Kit REVIEW

What Is OSMO?

OSMO is an iPad accessory that gives you hands-on learning. OSMO achieves this with games that use objects in the real world. These objects interact with the digital world shown on the iPad.

What Will You Find In The OSMO Creative Starter Kit?

The Creative Starter Kit includes everything to transform your iPad into a creative studio. Bringing your drawings to life it also offers a range of activities to help develop an understanding of creative “magic”, drawing and even physics. It does this with the three award-winning games included in the kit.

little e holding osmo creative starter kit box

Inside The Box You Find

  • Osmo Base and reflector for iPad
osmo base reflector ipad home learning with osmo
  • An OSMO creative board
  • A fuzzy eraser pouch
  • Dry-erase markers
osmo creative board fuzzy eraser pouch dry erase markers osmo creative starter kit

The OSMO Creative Starter Kit Games


The Monster game is where you get to meet Mo. In Monster, you draw the items that Mo requests and he uses them in his world on the iPad. With Mo, you can put on a magic show. Draw and design rooms in his house or even go on an adventure.

little e drawing robot mo monster osmo creative starter kit


Newton is a creative problem-solving physics game. It has 60+ levels of creative engineering to discover. You play the app by guiding the virtual balls around the iPad screen by placing objects or making marks on the OSMO creative board. We placed the dry-erase markers on the board to play our game.

little e playing newton using markers osmo creative starter kit


With Masterpiece, you can draw anything and everything just pick something to draw and take a photo. The Masterpiece app will transform it into easy-to-follow lines. You can draw freely to make your own creations or use the templates for ideas.

owl artwork masterpiece osmo creative starter kit

Which Devices Are Compatible With OSMO?

To use OSMO you need a compatible device. OSMO works with most iPads and Amazon Fire tablets. The OSMO Frequently Asked Questions page lists all of the available compatible devices.

You can purchase iPad’s from many online stores including AGROS*,*, and Very*. Amazon Fire tablets are available to purchase online at Amazon*.


PLEASE NOTE Compatible devices do not come in the OSMO sets. You must purchase one separately.

What Does Little E Love About The OSMO Creative Starter Kit?

Little E was very excited about having an official OSMO creative board. We had been using A4 paper to play the games included in the OSMO Genius Kit. The first game we downloaded to play was Monster as that was the only one we hadn’t tried before from this set.

little e drawing with mo monster osmo creative starter kit

Little E was amazed by the Moster game. She couldn’t believe her drawings were coming to life. Little E loves Mo she had so much fun drawing all of his requests. She helped him put on a magic show and they went on an adventure together.

little e drawing snowflake mo monster osmo creative starter kit

She even had fun helping Mo decorate his bathroom and bedroom. Little E spent lots of time playing and creating with Mo.

mo little es drawings osmo creative starter kit

When Little E played Newton before she struggled with the concept. This time using the markers to change the ball’s direction she got better at playing the game. She made it to level four on her own before she found it too complicated.

little e playing newton

Little E finds the Masterpiece drawing quite complicated. It does take some getting used to tracing the artworks onto the board. I think she will get the hang of it more as she gets more practice. I do love that Masterpiece also has letters to trace to children can work on their letter formations.

little e masterpiece gallery

In the below video you can see some of Little E’s OSMO Creative Starter Kit highlights.

What Do I Love About The OSMO Creative Starter Kit?

I love OSMO it really is such an amazing learning app and there are so many different add-on games available. The Monster game is amazing. You can pick from three options to create with Mo and those options have changed every time we have played the game. There are even extra options added. It feels like you will never play the same version of this game. It also records the adventures you create so that you can watch them back or show them to other people.

monster game options

I love that this set helped Little E to understand how to play Newton. Each level is really going to push her understanding and learning. She also isn’t quite ready for the Masterpiece app yet but this means that the OSMO really has the chance to grow with her and her abilities. I’m so glad we got the chance to add to our OSMO collection*.

DISCLOSURE – We received the OSMO Creative Starter Kit as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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