Our Prezzo La Famiglia Experience

We discovered Prezzo restaurants when I was on maternity leave with Ethan. We have always been a fan of Italian but we never had a local Prezzo to visit before then. With Ethan’s autism came food restrictions on what we would eat but thankfully pasta was a firm favorite. We had our first experience of family style dining when visiting Florida and we love getting the chance to return to those restaurants as we enjoyed the experience. When BritMums asked us if we would like to experience Prezzo’s new family style meal, La Famiglia, there was no way we could turn it down. We would love to share with you our Prezzo La Famiglia experience.

our prezzo la famiglia experience

Eating in restaurants can be quite an experience for our family of four. Not only do we have to cater for Ethan’s needs, we have lots of fun trying to keep Ethan still through the meal. We also have a very busy toddler to add to the mix but I must admit she is starting to get a little easier. It does feel at times that we leave chaos in our wake at restaurants but our local Prezzo has always been very accommodating to Ethan’s needs. Knowing that on-one is judging Ethan’s need to climb the stairs to the toilets really helps us relax and enjoy our meal out.

prezzo sign

Food is also another big issue for us. Ethan’s diet is VERY limited and he really doesn’t eat that much. I could share my main with him but when I go out I would like to try something different from our normal everyday. The same applies to Little E so it feels like we over order when we eat out. It’s terrible the amount of food that can get wasted. A family style meal takes all of this stress away from us. Our Prezzo La Famiglia experience offered us the chance of a stress free meal.

What was included in our Prezzo La Famiglia experience

Prezzo menuPrezzo menu

We were able to choose two garlic breads either with cheese or without. We ordered one of each. We could also select one sharing bowl of pasta, we opted for Spaghetti Bolognese.

prezzo la famiglia spaghetti bolognese

For dessert there was a selection of ice creams to choose from. The children had chocolate and strawberry and we have chocolate and sea salt gelato.

prezzo dessert ice cream prezzo dessert childrens ice cream

What we enjoyed about our Prezzo La Famiglia experience

Our main and garlic bread were brought out at the same time. This is perfect for little children who love to fill themselves up on garlic bread and then don’t eat their main.

prezzo la famiglia

Little E loved it when the big bowl of pasta was delivered to our table. She said ‘I want that’ and would take pasta from there rather than off of her own plate. We can honestly say that this meal wasn’t a battle with her as she enjoyed the whole experience of our sharing bowl of pasta. You can clearly see this in our vlog.

our prezzo la famiglia experience

Ethan as predicted dived right into the garlic bread. He ate his pasta with our help and spent most of the meal watching the cars go by through the window. He didn’t want to eat his ice cream as he found it too cold. Little E was happy to have extra.

Both Darren and I really enjoyed our meal at Prezzo. We didn’t have to make too many choices in regards to the food. One quick choice and our order was on the way. We also didn’t have to wait that long for our order to arrive. This is such a bonus with a child that finds it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. It felt like our meal could have fed a few more people but we didn’t feel like we had wasted any food with leftovers. Cost wise, we thought that it was excellent value for money. We could easily pick one main for the cost of the main pasta dish that fed our family of four. We will definitely be sharing a La Famiglia at Prezzo again.

You can watch our vlog of our Prezzo La Famiglia experience below.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #PrezzoLaFamiglia Challenge, sponsored by Prezzo.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted a voucher to cover the cost of our La Famiglia meal at Prezzo. This was for the purposes of this post and to make our You Tube Videos. I always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences.

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