Ethan’s Swimming Certificate – 10 Metres

Ethan has been swimming without support when I have been helping him at his school swimming lessons. We have managed a few widths but Ethan is still unaware that he is doing so well. We made his swimming club aware and they have been working with him slowly to build his confidence. He has been doing so well that on the last lesson of term he gained his 10 Metre swimming certificate.

Swimming Certificate

I attended Ethan’s swimming lesson that day and I watched as his helper pushed him to swim without any support. She slowly worked on his distance by being just an arms reach away from him. She then tried to stand on the opposite side of the pool to see if Ethan would swim the whole way across on his own. This didn’t work as Ethan swam to one of the other helpers in the pool for support.

She went back to just being out of his reach to get him to swim a width. I noticed he gained the attention of one of the main swimming instructors who quickly retrieved his clipboard. He watched Ethan make his way across the pool. As soon as Ethan competed his width I was informed that Ethan had finally gained his 10 Metre swimming certificate.

Ethan was so proud of his swimming certificate, nearly as proud as we were of him. I’m really hoping that this will be the year that Ethan can move away from using a woggle in the pool.

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