We were asked if Little E would like to put the OXO Tot Tall Sippy Cup to the test. As she was turning one and we were thinking about moving her from bottles it come at the perfect time.

OxoTot_ SippyCup2OxoTot_ SippyCup_21

The OXO Tot Tall Sippy Cup has a leakproof valve that helps prevent spills. The air valve releases pressure for smooth sipping. It has a scoop in the lid that makes room for little noses. The translucent cup shows just how much is left, and there are soft non-slip grips on the side.


Little E’s Verdict

It took Little E a while to get the hang of using this beaker instead of the bottles. She wasn’t holding her own bottles yet and was used to us feeding her. So we started off holding her in the same way and feeding her, but when we resorted to sitting her in a different position and giving her the beaker she soon worked out what to do. She got the hang of the beaker really quickly and we have said goodbye to the bottles.

This beaker really does everything that you expect a beaker to do, another great product in the OXO Tot range.

The only thing we have found is that if Little E decides to throw the beaker on the floor the valve inside the beaker can sometimes pop off. This means that her milk will leak out. She can throw it at quite a force and height and the beaker has never been damaged.

The OXO Tot Tall Sippy Cup retails at  £7.60 each.

DISCLAIMER – We were gifted a OXO Tot Tall Sippy Cup for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, finding, beliefs and experiences of products.

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