PJ Masks Headquarters Launcher Track Set REVIEW

PJ Masks Headquarters Launcher Track Set REVIEW

Little E loved reviewing the PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure set she was sent earlier in the year. She was also asked if she would like to review more PJ Masks products. Little E was sent the PJ Masks Owlette Case and the Headquarters Launcher Track Set to review.

PJ Masks Headquarters Launcher Track Set REVIEW

The PJ Masks Headquarters Launcher Track Set

little e pj masks headquarters launcher track set boxed

The PJ Masks headquarters launcher track set is a gravity feed launcher. It comes complete with Cat Boy’s Cat-Car which is a Die-Cast vehicle.

little e die cast cat car

The PJ Masks headquarters building has a height-adjustable lift and track connector. All three doors open as the car flies through your chosen door.

pj masks headquarters
pj masks headquarters cat car

When the chosen door opens with the car the correct PJ Masks sound plays. The Cat Boy sound for Cat Boy. The Owlette sound for Owlette and the Gekko sound for Gekko.

little e launcher track set cat boy window

Below is our unboxing video and you can see the fun we had with the launcher…

What Did Little E Love About The Launcher Track Set?

Little E loves the launcher. She loves that you can adjust the track depending on which door you want the car to pop out from. If you have all three PJ Masks vehicles you would be able to make then come through the correct character door.

launcher track set little e playing

Little E had lots of fun placing the car on the track to make it fly through the headquarter building doors. She found it easy to adjust the track to where she wants it to be. This track set has given both her and her brother hours of fun.

launcher track set little e playing

What Do I Love About The Launcher Track Set?

The track set is very easy to set up. You just have to click the track together. You can see in the video that I think we are missing a part of the set for the base. I was just looking for the wrong color part. The extra base is clear plastic. It helps to hold the headquarters in place whilst you are playing with it.

Both children have had so much fun with this track set. You do need a space to clamp the top of the track too so that you can play with it. We used a window ledge in our video but we have also used our dining table. I’m sure the children would love to add the other Die-Cast vehicles to their PJ Masks collection.


DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the PJ Masks Headquarters Launcher Track Set for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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