Using Glass In Home Designs

Using Glass In Home Designs

Using glass in residential homes is becoming a new trend. You can use glass in many different ways to incorporate it into your home designs. In this post, I look at a few of the ways it is possible to use glass in-home designs.

Walk On Glass Floors

Use Walk on glass floors to maximize natural light. These glass panels can transform dark spaces by encouraging natural light to flow through your property. The glass floor panels are also becoming popular with homeowners who have old wells in their properties or gardens. They use the panels to cover the wells turning them into a feature piece.

Choose opaque glass for these glass panels if worried about privacy. You can also include Anti-Slip properties into the design.

Ambience Conservatory Glass

When adding a conservatory to your home it is important to select the correct roof glass. Ensuring that the conservatory will have year-round use.

There are many benefits of ambience conservatory glass, these include

  • Year-round comfort
  • Self-cleaning properties
  • Reducing energy bills
  • And visual options to suit any property style.

Toughened Laminated Glass

You can use Toughened laminated glass in many designs around the home. One way is to create glass staircases for your home, giving your home a modern staircase. Use toughened glass to replace the bannisters in your home.

glass banisters toughened laminated glass
Photo Credit – TuffX Processed Glass Ltd

Toughened laminated glass is growing in its popularity. This is because of the laminating process that happens during its manufacture. An interlayer is “sandwiched” between two pieces of toughened glass. If the glass breaks the interlayer ensures that the piece of glass remains in place. This eliminates the risk of harm from the broken glass.

glass banisters detail toughened laminated glass
Photo Credit – TuffX Processed Glass Ltd

For the ultimate looking modern staircase glass stair treads can also be created. Allowing more natural light to flow and providing a greater sense of space. Helping to give your home a contemporary minimalistic look.

Balustrades and Balconies

glass balustrades balconies
Photo Credit – TuffX Processed Glass Ltd

Toughened laminated glass can also be used for glass balustrades and balconies. This glass will help transform the outside of your home. It will also help you gain uninterrupted views of the area around you.

TuffX Processed Glass Ltd

TuffX Processed Glass Ltd specialises in toughened glass manufacturing and has over twenty-five years of experience. They use modern engineering technology to produce glass products 19mm thick in-house. The in-house manufacturing, based in Merseyside, gives them total control of the production quality. Their entire range also conforms to European Safety Standards.

TuffX has a vehicle fleet of over 20 vehicles. This helps them provide a nationwide delivery service to their customers.

DISCLOSURE – This post is in collaboration with TuffX Processed Glass Ltd

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