Pony Rides at Disneyland Paris

Pony Rides at Disneyland Paris

Did you know that they offer pony rides at Disneyland Paris? I have known for a few years but it is a seasonal activity. The pony rides weren’t available during our February half term trip. They also wouldn’t have been available during our recent Christmas visit either. But when we visited in May I knew there might have been a chance that the pony ride activity would be open.

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Pony Rides at Disneyland Paris

Where Can You Find The Pony Rides at Disneyland Paris?

The pony rides can be found at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne*. The Wild West-themed hotel is the perfect home for the ponies. We were staying at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge and they called the Hotel Cheyenne for us to confirm the pony rides were taking place. At the time of our visit, each pony ride cost €6 each. To purchase the tickets we had to visit the hotel shop to get the pony ride tokens. The pony rides were available in the morning and there are different size ponies so that children of all ages could ride. The ponies must be led by an adult, the children can’t ride alone.

jane little e pony rides disneyland paris

Our Pony Ride Experience

As we weren’t 100% sure if the pony rides would be available when we visited Disneyland Paris we didn’t tell the children what we were going to do. They were very excited when they saw the ponies. Ethan gets to go horse riding with his school but Little E has only ever ridden a pony at Center Parcs.

Darren took charge of Ethan’s pony. They went for their ride before us. Darren captured how happy Ethan was during his pony ride.

ethan pony rides disneys hotel cheyenne disneyland paris

Little E was given a pony called Flash. If you have seen Zootropolis and know the character Flash you will know what I mean when I say this pony lived up to his namesake. Flash was on a go-slow as I think he was ready for lunchtime. He decided to take his time and stop along the route. It made for quite an interesting pony ride!

little e pony ride

You can see the fun we had with Flash in our video below.

I’m glad we got to experience the pony rides at Disneyland Paris*. Disney for us is always about more than just the theme parks*. The more we visit Disneyland Paris the more things we get to discover and experience.

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