POP POP Hair Surprise REVIEW

POP POP Hair Surprise REVIEW

Little E loves opening surprise toys. She loves small toys so she is always in her element when some arrive in the post. This time Little E was sent three POP POP Hair Surprise brushes to open.

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POP POP Hair Surprise REVIEW

POP POP Hair Surprise

POP POP Hair Surprise is a 3-in-1 surprise that is ready to pop. Each surprise starts with a Pop Brush that can really brush your hair. In series one there are eight Pop Brushes to choose from.

little e pop pop hair surprise
  • Snooze – Bed Heads
  • Yawn – Bed Heads
  • Frilly – Girly Qs
  • Fancy – Girly Qs
  • Rock- Pretty in Punk
  • Roll- Pretty in Punk
  • Boogie – Disco Dos
  • Funky – Disco Dos

Little E was sent Rock, Roll, and Frilly to open.

rock pretty in punk pop pop hair surprise
roll pretty in punk pop pop hair surprise
frilly girly qs pop pop hair surprise

Inside the Pop Brush, you will discover a Pop Pod. To open the Pop Pod you must spray it with water. This is easily done. Simply twist off the brush handle to reveal a spray bottle.

pop brush spray bottle pop pop hair surprise

Use this bottle to spray the Pop Pod with water. Wait for the pod to pop open!

Inside you will discover a Pop Roller. There are six of these to collect and they can be an Everyday Look, Rare Style or Ultra-Rare Flair.

pop rollers pop pop hair surprise

The Pop Rollers

The Pop Rollers you can find in series one are

  • Wavy Wanda – Everyday Look
  • Rosie Ringlet – Everyday Look
  • Frida Fringe – Everyday Look
  • Catie Coil – Rare Style
  • Calli Clipper – Ultra-Rare Flair
  • Tina Tangle – Rare Style

Little E found Frida Fringe and Rosie Ringlet in her Pop Brushes.

frida fringe everyday look pop rollers pop pop hair surprise
rosie ringlet everyday look pop rollers pop pop hair surprise

The Pop Rollers have beautiful hair wrapped around them. Unwrap the hair and pop open the roller. You will discover a Pop Hair Pet inside. They are adorable collectible characters with brushable hair.

pop hair pets pop pop hair surprise

The Pop Hair Pets

In series one there are thirteen Pop Hair Pets to collect. They each belong in one of the four available sets and have different rarity values. The Pop Hair Pets you will find are

  • Hairy Kate – Bed HeadsUltra-Rare Flair
  • BrushlyBed HeadsUltra-Rare Flair
  • Lazy Buns – Bed Heads – Everyday Look
  • Baaad Hair Dave – Bed Heads – Everyday Look
  • Hairy Antoinette – Girly Qs – Everyday Look
  • Donna Llama – Girly QsRare Style
  • Prissy Missy – Girly Qs – Everyday Look
  • Joan Catt – Pretty in Punk – Everyday Look
  • Bunny Hairy – Pretty in PunkRare Style
  • Doggie Bowie – Pretty in Punk – Everyday Look
  • Ferrer Fawcett – Disco Dos – Everyday Look
  • Curly Derby – Disco Dos – Everyday Look
  • Curlin’ Love – Disco DosRare Style

Little E found Hairy Antoinette, Donna Llama, and Curlin’ Love inside her Pop Rollers. Each Pop Hair Pet also comes with its own hair accessories.

hairy antoinette
hairy antoinette hair accessories
donna llama
donna llama hair accessories
curlin love
curlin love hair accessories

You can brush and style your Pop Hair Pet’s hair. You can even use the included hair band to use the Pop Hair Pet as a hair accessory for you.

little e ponytail wearing pop hair pets
little e wearing pop hair pets

The Pop Hair Pets can also be used as pencil toppers too.


What Does Little E Love About The POP POP Hair Surprise?

Little E loved opening up these surprise toys. She loves playing with water and the fact it had the water aspect to open the surprise was a real bonus for her.

little e frilly girly qs

Little E loves animals so she was very excited to discover the Pop Hair Pet inside. She loves brushing their hair and putting in their clips.

little e hairy antoinette pop hair pet

Little E loves wearing them in her hair and having pink hair. She couldn’t wait to show her friends at school.

What Do I Love About The Surprise Dolls?

I love how these surprise toys really grabbed Little E’s attention. From the water opening pop to discovering the pet with hair. She is hooked. Little E loves brushing the pet’s hair and has played with the pets over and over again. So many useful surprises in one toy.

DISCLOSURE – We received POP POP Hair Surprise as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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