SNAPSTAR Dolls - Snap, Style & Share! REVIEW

SNAPSTAR Dolls – Snap, Style & Share! REVIEW

As Little E has got older she has really started to play with dolls more. From baby dolls to collectible dolls she has enjoyed playing with them all. Little E recently reviewed Pop Pops Pets from YULU toys. Their newest toy in the range is the SNAPSTAR Dolls and Little E was sent some to review.

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SNAPSTAR dolls are influencers and love to use the world of social media. There are six dolls in the SNAPSTAR Squad that love fashion, beauty, music, photography, and design. The world of #Snapstar is where this trendsetter squad influence and define what’s next and inspirational.

little e snapstar dolls echo yuki


The six dolls in the SNAPSTAR Squad are













Snapstar Doll Outfit Packs

There are also outfit packs available for the SNAPSTAR dolls. There are six packs to choose from that include an orange sundress, a navy jumpsuit, a holographic pink dress, an aqua blue glitter dress, a denim set, and a white dress.


Little E’s SNAPSTAR Doll Delivery

Little E was sent a lovely SNAPSTAR delivery from YULU Toys. It included two SNAPSTAR dolls, Echo and Yuki. There were also two outfit packs, the aqua blue glitter dress, and the white dress.

little e snapstar dolls echo yuki outfit packs


Echo is a bedazzled babe. She has an easy-breezy outlook on life and is a hair and makeup Pro. Echo’s beauty tutorials have made her a social media Superstar.


Little E decided that Echo should have the white dress as her second outfit choice.

echo white dress


Yuki is a music enthusiast who creates the hottest Electronic Dance Music tracks. When she isn’t in the studio she is booked solid DJing parties. She is the girl to know to get you on the VIP list!


Little E decided that Yuki should have the aqua blue glitter dress as her second outfit choice.

yuki aqua blue glitter dress

SNAPSTAR – Snap, Style & Share!

Download the free SNAPSTAR STUDIO APP from the App Store or Google Play. This will enhance the way you play with your doll. Each doll comes with its very own green screen.

little e snapstar dolls greenscreen snapstar studio

Position your doll to strike a pose. This is easily done as the dolls are fully jointed at 19 points. Take a photo and style it.

little e snapstar studio app

You can customize their hair, make-up, eye color and shape, accessories and background scene.

The dolls wigs can be easily removed for easier customisation in the app.

The app also has a preset mode meaning you can play with it a customise preset photos of the dolls. Perfect for if you are out and about.

What Does Little E Love About The SNAPSTAR Dolls?

Little E loved the concept of the green screen and being able to use the phone in play. She wanted me to help her change the doll’s outfits and she didn’t like it when we worked out you can remove their hair. Below are her SNAPSTAR STUDIO creations.

yuki snapstar studio creations butterfly wings
yuki snapstar studio creations rainbow wings
yuki snapstar studio creations rainbow wings
echo snapstar studio creations rainbow hair golden gate bridge
echo snapstar studio creations rainbow hair stars beach
echo snapstar studio creations butterfly wings

In the below video you can see us unboxing the SNAPSTAR dolls and using the green screen for the very first time.

What Do I Love About The SNAPSTAR Dolls?

I really loved the doll’s packaging. They come in phone type box packaging and they are nice an sturdy. Meaning you can store the dolls and the green screen in them safely.

I feel these dolls are very on-trend with the Instagram influencer world. Giving children the chance to play with apps and photography in a safe way.

DISCLOSURE – We received the SNAPSTAR Dolls and outfit packs as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products we receive.

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