Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018 REVIEW Unboxing The Contents

Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018 Contents REVIEW

The Christmas countdown is an exciting time for everyone, especially children. The advent calender’s definitely help to build this excitement. When I was little we had advent calendars that had a different picture behind every door. Then came the chocolate advent calendars that are still very popular today. Over recent years advent calenders have grown in the contents that they contain. This year I have decided to look at some of the different non-chocolate advent calendars available on the market. The first advent calendar I decided to review was the Smiggle Advent Calendar.

If you would like to know whats in the 2019 and 2020 Advent Calendars visit our 2019 Smiggle Advent Calendar and 2020 Smiggle Advent Calendar unboxing posts.

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Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018 REVIEW

About The Smiggle Advent Calendar

Smiggle is a very popular stationery shop. Due to the children’s ages, we are yet to discover the full delights of the range. I’m sure it would have been my favourite shop to stock up on school items when I was younger. I’m sure it will soon become our little lady’s goto stationery shop.

smiggle advent calendar

The Smiggle advent calendar is full with 25 days of limited edition Smiggle stationery surprises. It also comes with a lucky ticket. It gives 25 lucky winners the chance to win a £500 Smiggle shopping spree voucher. The calendars retail at £25 each. If you order one from the website you will also have to include postage costs on top of the retail price.


What Will You Find Inside?

I have listed the advent calendars contents below with photos. In total there are 25 doors to open. If you want to keep the contents a surprise don’t read anymore!

I also created a full unboxing video on our YouTube channel which you will find at the bottom of this post.

Day 1 contains a Dolphin Eraser

Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018 REVIEW Unboxing The Contents

Day 2 contains a 15cm Ruler

smiggle advent calendar contents ruler

Day 3 contains a Rainbow Pencil

smiggle advent calendar contents rainbow pencil

Day 4 contains a Slap Band

smiggle advent calendar contents slap band

Day 5 contains a Mini Pink Highlighter

smiggle advent calendar contents mini highlighter pink

Day 6 contains Sticky Notes

smiggle advent calendar contents sticky notes

Day 7 contains a Mini Exercise Book

smiggle advent calendar contents mini exercise book

Day 8 contains a Dog Sharpener

smiggle advent calendar contents dog sharpener

Day 9 contains a Spy Pen

smiggle advent calendar contents spy pen

Day 10 contains a Lanyard

smiggle advent calendar contents lanyard

Day 11 contains a Fan Eraser

smiggle advent calendar contents fan eraser

Day 12 contains a Chocolate Pen

smiggle advent calendar contents chocolate pen

Day 13 contains an Ice Cream Clip

smiggle advent calendar contents ice cream clip

Day 14 contains a Mini Stapler

smiggle advent calendar contents mini stapler

Day 15 contains a Twisty Eraser

smiggle advent calendar contents twisty eraser

Day 16 contains a Maze Pen

smiggle advent calendar contents maze pen

Day 17 contains a Hamburger Silicone Bag Tag

smiggle advent calendar contents hamburger silicone bag tag
smiggle advent calendar contents hamburger silicone bag tag

Day 18 contains a Rainbow Pen

rainbow pen

Day 19 contains a Pizza Keyring

pizza keyring

Day 20 contains a Glue Stick

glue stick

Day 21 contains a Stax on Highlighter

stax on highlighter
stax on highlighter colours

Day 22 contains a Rainbow Gel Pen

rainbow gel pen

Day 23 contains a Mini Yellow Highlighter

mini highlighter yellow

Day 24 contains a 12 Pencil Pack

pencil 12 pack

Day 25 contains a 12 Maze Calculator

maze calculator front
maze calculator back

My Thoughts On The Smiggle Advent Calendar

I really loved this advent calendar. It really is a calendar for all ages. As a mum nearing 40 there were only a few items in this calendar that I wouldn’t use myself. As a teenager at school everything in this calendar would have been used and proudly showed off each day. At £25 I really do think it this calendar is a good value for money. I don’t think you will be disappointed if you decide to purchase this calendar for a family member or even yourself!

4 thoughts on “Smiggle Advent Calendar 2018 Contents REVIEW”

  1. Oh my word, We are big stationary addicts in our home. Infact my middle and youngest collect erasers. I cannot believe how good the quality of products in the advent calender is. Its a definite purchase for us this year . Thanks x

  2. This looks great. My little girls love Smiggle but it’s normally quite pricey so we rarely go they. After seeing everything in it I’m going to buy it and they will love it.

  3. 1st year ive bought a calendar thats got more than a chocolate in it highly recommend this calendar definitely worth the money my 8 year old daughter loved it

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