peppa pig advent calendar

Peppa Pig Advent Calendar Contents REVIEW

I’m continuing to take a look at the non-chocolate advent calendars available on the market this year. I have looked at the  Smiggle, Hatchimals, Snow White, and No7 Beauty advent calendar contents. I decided to look at another advent calendar aimed at children. This time I’m looking at the Peppa Pig Advent Calendar.

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Peppa Pig Advent Calendar 2018 REVIEW

The Peppa Pig Advent Calendar

I’m sure if you have children you need no introduction to the world of Peppa Pig. She is a character you either love or hate. Peppa Pig is a loved character in our house. This Advent Calendar contains 24 doors to open. Behind each one, you will either find a Peppa Pig character or a Christmas themed treat.

peppa pig advent calendar

This version can be purchased at Boots. Both versions are available online at Amazon.


What Will You Find Inside?

I have listed the advent calendar’s contents below with photos. In total there are 24 doors to open. If you want to keep the contents a surprise don’t read anymore!

I also created a full unboxing video on our YouTube channel which you will find at the bottom of this post.

Day 1 contains a Christmas Tree

peppa pig advent calendar christmas tree

Day 2 contains Peppa Pig

peppa pig advent calendar peppa pig

Day 3 contains a Blue Christmas Gift

peppa pig advent calendar blue christmas gift

Day 4 contains Pedro Pony

peppa pig advent calendar pedro pony

Day 5 contains a Red Christmas Gift

peppa pig advent calendar red christmas gift

Day 6 contains Rebecca Rabbit

peppa pig advent calendar rebecca rabbit

Day 7 contains a Train

peppa pig advent calendar train

Day 8 contains Danny Dog

peppa pig advent calendar danny dog

Day 9 contains Peppa Pig’s Teddy Bear

peppa pig advent calendar peppa pigs teddy

Day 10 contains a Scooter

peppa pig advent calendar scooter

Day 11 contains a Purple Christmas Gift

peppa pig advent calendar purple christmas gift

Day 12 contains Candy Cat

peppa pig advent calendar candy cat

Day 13 contains a Star Christmas Decoration

peppa pig advent calendar star christmas decoration

Day 14 contains a Green Christmas Gift

peppa pig advent calendar green christmas gift

Day 15 contains a Snowman

peppa pig advent calendar snowman

Day 16 contains a Light Purple Christmas Gift

light purple christmas gift

Day 17 contains a Dolls House

dolls house

Day 18 contains George Pig

peppa pig advent calendar george pig

Day 19 contains a Star Christmas Decoration

peppa pig advent calendar star christmas decoration

Day 20 contains Richard Rabbit

richard rabbit

Day 21 contains a Rocket


Day 22 contains a Bike


Day 23 contains Suzy Sheep

suzy sheep

Day 24 contains Father Christmas

father christmas

My Thoughts On The Peppa Pig Advent Calendar

I really liked this advent calendar. It’s for children aged 3+ but I think you can decide if you would like to give it to a younger child. I know Little E would have loved this from age 2. All of the characters are really nicely made and I think this calendar offers you a great selection.

This year the Peppa Pig Advent calendar has a different design but it contains the same contents.

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