police jett super wings transforming vehicle

Super Wings Transforming Vehicles REVIEW

Have you heard of Super Wings? It is a top-flight preschool animation that follows Jett, an adorable plane, and his friends around the world. Delivering packages and solving different problems as they go. The Super Wings aren’t just regular aeroplanes. They are able to transform into amazing heroes. They can run, climb, lift, dig, and even dive deep under the sea! The Super Wings Transforming Vehicles allow Super Wings fans to recreate the adventures. We were sent two Super Wings series 3 characters to review.

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Super Wings Transforming Vehicles REVIEW

Super Wings Transforming Vehicles

There are over 20 Super Wings transforming characters to collect. The vehicles transform from plane to robot in just 10 easy steps. The series 3 vehicles include Build-It Jett, Police Jett, Build-It Donnie, Rescue Dizzy, Astra, Scoop, and Kim.


The other transforming characters available are Agent Chace, Bello, Dizzy, Donnie, Flip, Grand Albert, Jerome, Jett, Mira, Paul, Poppa Wheel, Supercharge Astra, Supercharge Dizzy, Supercharge Jett, Supercharge Paul, and Todd.


Police Jett

police jett super wings transforming vehicle

Jett is in his police Patrol team attire, wearing a blue police hat with the police Patrol logo. He is ready to join Paul’s Police Patrol team!

police jett robot super wings transforming vehicle


scoop little e super wings transforming vehicle

Scoop is one of the newest characters in the Super Wings team. He is part of Donnie’s build-it buddies mission team. Scoop is an excavator, he has real working wheels and a moving and extendable boom.

scoop robot little e

What Does Little E Love About The Super Wings Transforming Vehicles?

Both of our children love watching Super Wings. Having some of the vehicles gives Little E the chance to create her own adventures. She can easily transform the vehicles into their robot versions. Depending on which version she has the characters in, robot or vehicle, dictates the games she plays.

little e police jett

What Do I Love About The Super Wings Transforming Vehicles?

These Super Wings vehicles are for ages 3 years and over and their design clearly shows this has been thought about. They are a great size for little hands to hold. They are also quite easy to transform from vehicle to robot. The characters also feel sturdy enough to withstand some tumbles and toddler play. With an RRP of £9.99, it wouldn’t take long for a Super Wings fan to build up quite a collection of these characters.

More Super Wings Fun

You can find episodes of Super Wings on TinyPop and Cartoonito. Also, Super Wings recently partnered with iChild to create some FREE learning resources. During this time of home schooling they are a great tool to help keep children entertained.

DISCLOSURE – We received the Super Wings Transforming Vehicles as a gift. This was for the purposes of this post. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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