Yes, Disney Orlando Is Possible On A Budget

Yes, Disney Orlando Is Possible On A Budget

Contrary to belief, a family holiday to Disney Orlando doesn’t have to be as expensive as some people would like to say. Yes, some parts of it may cost you a pretty penny, however, it is more than doable to set yourself a budget and work with it to get your dream Disney getaway.

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Were going to have a look at some of the top tips for you to achieve a Disney Orlando Holiday on a budget below: 


This one of the best things you can do when looking at a Disney Orlando holiday. Research is your best friend and it can help you to stick to even the tightest of budgets. Have a look at things like ticket offers, accommodation offers, the best time to travel, meal plans, events that are on, etc. You can then piece together a plan of what you want to do, what you expect, and gather an idea of the budget that you might need and are comfortable with. Once you have this you can start to plan more in-depth. 

Your Flights

Flights can easily be one of the biggest chunks of your budget, especially if you book accommodation or tickets before without checking the prices of flights. This can leave you stuck and with no other choice than to pay a higher than expected price. Have a look at some of the flight comparison sites available online and search whole months apposed to particular dates. Usually the earlier you can book your flights the cheaper they will be. If you search for a whole month you can see which days are cheaper and work your holiday around that. Generally, two weeks is normal for Disney so bear this in mind when traveling. 

Your Accommodation 

Another piece of your budget will be allocated to your accommodation. Depending on your needs and wants there are many options for you to choose from that involve either staying on-site or off-site. Although staying on-site can help to cut costs of traveling to the parks, staying in a Florida4Less villa can help to save you a lot when comes to things like your food and it also opens you up to the option to have your own space to relax in after a busy few days at the parks. 

Your Tickets 

Generally, the tickets for the Disney parks don’t vary too much, so it’s worth thinking about this when shopping for deals. However, you do sometimes come across a rare deal with a discount. The best thing to do when it comes to your tickets is make a list fo the parks and places you would like to visit and see if you can find a package deal that includes them all. Buying your tickets this way will usually save you a fair bit on your budget as buying tickets individually and on the door can be very expensive. Always buy your tickets in advance and look out for two weeks for the price of one deal. 

These four areas should help you to stick to your Disney Orlando holiday budget. Have you been to Disney on a budget? Have you got any tips that you could share in the comments below? 

DISCLOSURE – This is a collaborative post.

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