• Saying Goodbye To The Stabilisers
    Little E

    Saying Goodbye To The Stabilisers

    With Darren being at home because of the lock-down I set him a challenge. Teach Little E to ride her bike without Stabilisers. Having this amount of time off with the children is rare for Darren. I thought he might as…

  • Ethan

    Young Writers Award and Publication

    When we returned from our holiday Ethan had a letter waiting for him. This isn’t something unusual in our house as the children do tend to get more letters than us. Normally they are appointments or reports that need to be…

  • Ethan

    Star of the Week Verbal Requests

    On Friday Ethan was very excited when he came home from school. This was because he had brought a friend home with him. His friend being the class bear. Bringing the class bear home can only mean one thing. Ethan was…

  • Ethan

    The In The Night Garden Ride

    As you know Ethan is a thrill seeker, he loves going on rides whenever he gets the chance to. The weird thing is he has never noticed the coin operated rides at our local supermarket. We have walked past them so…

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