Saying Goodbye To The Stabilisers

Saying Goodbye To The Stabilisers

With Darren being at home because of the lock-down I set him a challenge. Teach Little E to ride her bike without Stabilisers. Having this amount of time off with the children is rare for Darren. I thought he might as well take advantage. With Ethan surprising us and learning to ride his bike without stabilisers Little E didn’t want to be left behind. A week later she said goodbye to the stabilisers.

little e no stabilisers goodbye to the stabilisers

How Little E Said Goodbye To The Stabilisers

It took Little E longer than Ethan to remove her stabilisers. This was because we also had to work on her confidence. Her journey started by removing one of the stabilisers. Darren would take her out near our house but when she felt nervous she would run home to me. Darren overcome this by taking her further afield.

It took quite a few bike rides for Little E to be confident with just one stabiliser. Darren did try a few times to remove the other one for her but she just wasn’t ready.

darren little e cycle helmets goodbye to the stabilisers

With Ethan riding his bike on just two wheels Little E was more determined. It’s funny as I honestly thought it would be Little E prompting Ethan to ride his bike without stabilisers. He has been learning so much from her as she has got older.

little e bike riding goodbye to the stabilisers

The day Little E said goodbye to her stabilisers I had also joined them on my bike. I think this also prompted Little E as it was the first time she has seen me on my bike. I showed her how I need to balance on my bike as I can’t place my feet fully on the floor.

little e riding away goodbye to the stabilisers

For Little E it was all about her confidence. With one stabiliser Little E was actually riding on two wheels most of the time. With her confidence growing and both stablisers removed Little E was soon off on her own.

We are so proud of our little lady, with both children riding we can now go on family bike rides. Something I never imagined we would be able to do!

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