• tiger cub colchester zoo social distancing at colchester zoo
    Days Out

    Social Distancing At Colchester Zoo

    During this time of lockdown, we have been going out for daily walks. As restrictions lifted we ventured out to the beach. But the children haven’t stopped asking about our ‘adventures’. With Colchester Zoo reopening I managed to book us some…

  • A Girly Trip To Colchester Zoo
    Days Out

    A Girly Trip To Colchester Zoo

    When we first purchased Colchester Zoo Passes I had a carers card and Ethan had a disabled card. To enter the zoo we had to go in together. Colchester Zoo has now changed their policy and Ethan has a standard pass.…

  • Autism

    Autism and the Tiger Meltdown

    On Friday we decided to take Ethan to Colchester Zoo. Partly because he needed to get out of the house and partly because he had been asking to go there. Being that we didn’t have Little E with us we decided…

  • Out and About

    The Koi at Colchester Zoo

    It feels like we haven’t been able to visit Colchester Zoo for ages. With Darren’s shifts and wanting to visit at quieter times to help with Ethan’s anxiety’s it leaves us a very small window. Last weekend we had a chance…

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