• Days Out

    A Girly Trip To Colchester Zoo

    little e egg shell

    When we first purchased Colchester Zoo Passes I had a carers card and Ethan had a disabled card. To enter the zoo we had to go in together. Colchester Zoo has now changed their policy and Ethan has a standard pass. He can also take whichever person he chooses in to be his carer. This meant that one of us didn’t need to purchase a zoo pass. We decided that Darren would be the person without one and I would get one in my name so that I would be able to visit the zoo with Little E. In the Easter holidays whilst Ethan was on a respite day, we…

  • Days Out

    Twilight Christmas Experience at Colchester Zoo

    twilight christmas experience colchester zoo santas grotto singing penguins

    We haven’t visited Colchester Zoo for a while now. When our Zoo passes run out a few years ago we didn’t renew them. At the time Darren’s shift work meant we wouldn’t be able to use them as much as we wanted to. When I got the email about the Twilight Christmas Experience at Colchester Zoo I knew I wanted to take the children to the event. It mentioned viewing the Christmas lights on the land train. Ethan loves Christmas lights so I knew he would enjoy it. Having visited Santas grotto at Colchester Zoo numerous times and taking Ethan to the breakfast with Santa event in 2012. I knew…

  • Autism

    Autism and the Tiger Meltdown

    On Friday we decided to take Ethan to Colchester Zoo. Partly because he needed to get out of the house and partly because he had been asking to go there. Being that we didn’t have Little E with us we decided to let Ethan pick our route around the zoo. He had energy to burn and we thought it would be a good way to do it. Being the routine boy he is Ethan actually followed the route that we normally take when we visit the zoo. We visited the Rainbow birds and then the fish. Ethan then asked to see the elephants and from there he wanted to see…

  • Out and About

    The Koi at Colchester Zoo

    It feels like we haven’t been able to visit Colchester Zoo for ages. With Darren’s shifts and wanting to visit at quieter times to help with Ethan’s anxiety’s it leaves us a very small window. Last weekend we had a chance to visit on a Sunday morning and we took our chance to go. I was really looking forward to showing Little E the Koi at the zoo. She has been able to say fish (ish) for a while but has never seen a real fish. I will let the photos show you her reaction. I think it is safe to say she was amazed at the fish. I can’t…

  • Out and About

    Colchester Zoo Shriek Week

    I have always wanted to see what Shriek Week at Colchester Zoo was like. Last Halloween we didn’t make it as other plans got in the way. This year we had a spare day during the half term and I knew it would give the children a chance to dress up in their Halloween outfits. Knowing that Ethan’s anxiety escalates in crowded places we got to the zoo for opening. We quickly worked out that the Halloween activities didn’t start until later in the morning and headed to the Australian Rainbows, which are situated towards the back of the zoo. Unfortunately their enclosure wasn’t open to the public yet. Keeping…

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