lorikeet eating nectar little es head

Making Friends With Lorikeets at Colchester Zoo

Little E loves visiting the Rainbow Lorikeets at Colchester Zoo. We always go into their enclosure but we only buy nectar to feed them as a special treat. On our recent visit to Colchester Zoo, we arrived at the Rainbow Lorikeet enclosure just as it opened. So I treated Little E to some nectar pots so that she could feed them.

Making Friends With Lorikeets at Colchester Zoo

Feeding The Lorikeets at Colchester Zoo

As we were some of the first people to visit the lorikeets they were happy to give us some attention. Yes I know they just really want the food. But if they have had too much to eat in the day they can sometimes be hard to attract. Darren was clearly the lorikeet’s favourite person for food as he had the attention of a small group. Little E can get quite excited by the lorikeet’s attention. She moves about too much making it hard for them to find a good place to sit.

three lorikeets darrens arm

Little E did find a few friends. One lorikeet was happy to sit on her hand to eat the nectar.

lorikeet eating nectar little es hand
little e holding nectar feeding lorikeet

Moving to her shoulder for a closer inspection of the nectar pot.

lorikeet little es shoulder

Little E also had a lorikeet jump on her head for the nectar. At one point there was two on her head which she found very funny.

lorikeet eating nectar little es head Lorikeets at Colchester Zoo

One of Darren’s friendly lorikeets didn’t want to leave his side for quite some time. He sat on Darren’s shoulder as we made our way around the enclosure. He was touching Darren’s face and ears. It was very funny to watch. I did wonder if we would have to leave Darren there or take the lorikeet home!

lorikeet darrens shoulder Lorikeets at Colchester Zoo

Visiting the lorikeets at Colchester Zoo is such a fun activity. The nectar pots are £1 each but you don’t need to buy them to visit the eclosure. They happily fly around you if you just want to walk around their aviary. Watch our video below to see Darren and Little E making friends with the lorikeets at Colchester Zoo.

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