• Review

    Birds Eye #Afterschoolchefs Challenge

    With Little E’s arrival and the fact that her regular crying time is when I should be cooking the dinner, teatime has become quite a challenge.  It has been a nightmare trying to prepare meals that are healthy, include veg and…

  • Ethan

    Speech Therapy An Update

    I haven’t blogged about speech therapy for quite a while but to be honest that is because we haven’t had many, if any, appointments. Ethan’s speech therapist came back from her maternity leave and we got to see her a few…

  • Autism

    The Special Needs Dentist

    Ethan’s teeth are a major worry for me. After finally letting us put a toothbrush up to his mouth with some toothpaste on it last April this is where our progress has halted. His sensory issues with his mouth isn’t letting…

  • PECS Update - I Want

    PECS Update – I Want

    Ethan started to learn how to use PECS after his diagnosis last year. He took to it very quickly and I spent ages taking photos of all of his toys and making the cards so that he could request the items…

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