Gaining Our Attention – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

The other week Ethan’s Family Support Key Worker visited him at his nursery as she hasn’t seen him for awhile so we could settle in with life as a family of four. She called me directly after the visit to tell me how he had come on since she last saw him and how proud she was.

This was fantastic news to us as Little E’s arrival had made Ethan go quiet and we were worried about regression.

Over the past week or so I have noticed Ethan’s progress every now and then and I’m sure he is doing things to get my attention as Little E can be quite demanding.

The first thing he did was vocalise the numbers in the Numtums song. He said/made a noise for all but two of the numbers. I recorded the programme to see if he did it again but unfortunately he decided he didn’t want too.

Ethan has an iPad app where he has to put letter tiles in the correct place. Ethan has been vocalising the letters and when I noticed what he was doing we did this together.

On Thursday Ethan entertained himself by sorting through all of the DVD’s. On one of the DVD’s there was a picture of a cat, Ethan pointed this out to me using his word for cat.

There has been an advert for fruit puffs on the children’s TV channels, it uses a cartoon banana and Ethan has been shouting out his word for banana when it comes on.

The last thing he has done is vocalising his singing. He had his Leapfrog dog on Friday and started to vocalise the tunes he the dog was playing. He also had the help of Nanny and Grandad and his new game is to make us all sing.

I always hoped that having another baby would bring on Ethan’s progress in some way, lets hope it is.

2 thoughts on “Gaining Our Attention – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. well done Ethan. it is hard when for siblings when a baby comes home ever harder when you are worried about regression. it sounds like hes doing really well though. Bruiser likes his ipad too.. he loves plaing hairy letters and critter maths. they use them at school with him. they really bring him out of his little world. and he does giggle away when hes playhing them. if you havent already, try with them Ethan, he will love them!! #SSAA

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