Tickety Toc Card Maker Time App REVIEW

We were asked if Ethan would like to review a new Tickety Toc app for his iPad. Thankfully Ethan has started to show interest in the iPad again so we said we would love to. 
I downloaded the app and waited for Ethan to discover it, it didn’t take him long!
The app is based on the children’s programme Tickety Toc and you create postcards to send to your family and friends via email. It is a very simple app to navigate and Ethan has quite happily spent time each day creating his postcards without any help.
The first step in creating a postcard is to select which pack you would like to use. There are three choices, Tommy and Tallulah, Spring Time and Pufferty
You can then decide if you would like to create or select your character. Choosing create means you can colour in your selected character, the characters are just set as key-line drawings. Choosing select gives you pre-coloured characters to choose from.
With your character created or selected its then time to pick your background and border choices. You can the choose your special message, add stickers, accessories, stamps and extra special glitter.


It is then time to address your card, add your postage stamp and send your postcard to your friends. You are given two options at this point, to take a photo of your postcard or send it via email. 
To send the postcard via email the app does ask you to provide your year of birth to confirm you are an adult. A great option I think otherwise Ethan would be emailing all of my contacts Tickety Toc postcards.




What the developers say: 

The new Tickety Toc Postcard Maker app is an easy way for pre-schoolers to make their own e-card featuring their favourite characters from the popular Nick Jr and Milkshake! TV show.

The Tickety Toc: Card Maker Time! app helps little fans of the show to create and send Tick Tocktastic “postcard-style” messages to family and friends. The app is available today on the App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android and for NOOK devices for £1.99.

Children can easily make their own greeting cards when they choose from 30 postcard designs within three different themes featuring the memorable characters from the series, including Tommy & Tallulah, Pufferty, Hoparoo and more. Then, they can personalise their design and by choosing from over 60 stickers and stamps, colouring tools, including spray paint, chalk, crayons and glitter.  Kids can have fun sending messages to their loved ones for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

Our Verdict: I did wonder how long this app would hold Ethan’s attention for, being that it is not really a ‘game’, but he plays on it quite happily. There are so many options when creating your postcards that I would think it would take a very long time before you started to create duplicates. Having the option of colouring in the characters extends the amount of playing time for this app.  
I think its great that to access the parental controls you have to provide your year of birth. Ethan has been able to access these on other children’s apps but I haven’t even seen him attempt to for this app. What is also nice is there is no in-app purchase options so you don’t have to worry about your children giving you a big bill for any extras they may want. There is an app option to view other apps but again you have to provide your year of birth to access this. 
A lovely app for any Tickety Toc fan. 

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