Autism Pre-Verbal Singing

Whenever I’m asked about Ethan’s speech I always describe him as non-verbal. I think this is possibly because even though I know that we, thankfully, have been starting to acquire words, Ethan still couldn’t communicate with people outside of the family unit. Other people tell me that Ethan is pre-verbal as he does make sounds, […]

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Me & Mine March 2015

This month has been a very busy month, we went on our first holiday as a family of four and we have been preparing Ethan for school. Every day there has been something to do, be it an appointment or a day out. We treated ourselves to a family portrait session whilst at Center Parcs.

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Letters and Logos

Ethan is obsessed with you tube at the moment and we have discovered the weird and wonderful videos that people make. He watches videos of people opening kinder eggs and surprise eggs. Sometimes people make play dough eggs to open. I have discovered that people create videos with Peppa Pig play sets and Thomas train

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Me & Mine January 2015

This month I had every intention of treating us to a remote control for the camera so it would be easier to take our family photos. My brother gave us a voucher for Christmas and it was going to be our treat, I just haven’t been able to get my heard around ordering it. Yesterday

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