Untamed by Fingerlings Raptor Dino Blaze REVIEW

Fingerlings were the must-have Christmas toy last year. I was lucky to secure a twin pack for our children. Ethan’s fingerling actually turned out to be a good tool in school to help reduce Ethan’s throwing. Untamed by Fingerlings is the new range of interactive finger pet dinosaurs. We were asked if Ethan would like to review the Raptor Dino Blaze.

untamed by Fingerlings Raptor Dino Blaze REVIEW

What Is An Untamed by Fingerlings Raptor Dino?

Just like the original Fingerlings, the Fingerlings Dinos are small amazing interactive pets that can hold tightly onto your finger. They are able to respond to your touch and the sound of your voice. The difference with the Untamed Fingerlings is that they have two different personalities. The can either play in tamed mode or untamed mode depending on their mood. There are many different dinosaurs to choose from. Which one will you take home?

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 1 Untamed Fingerling
  • 1 User Manual
Please note that 4 x “LR44/AG13” button cell batteries are required to use this toy. They are included.

untamed fingerlings raptor dino blaze boxed

Blaze The Untamed Raptor Dino

Blaze has a hot temper. In untamed mode, you will see his chomping jaws and hear his wild roars. In tame mode, you will be able to see that Blaze has a softer side. He will like to nuzzle and purr. Blaze has over 40 different sounds and animations to interact with.

untamed fingerlings raptor dino blaze

Tamed vs Untamed

Depending on which mode Blaze is in your iterations will get very different reactions. In tamed mode Blaze will become your friendly companion. To make Blaze happy and tamed you need to stroke his head.

In untamed mode Blaze becomes ferocious. To release his beastly side you must poke him in the face three times. Hang him upside down or shake him.

Interacting With Blaze

Your Untamed Fingerlings has sensors on the top of his nose and the back of his head. By tapping these areas or even pressing and holding them your dino will react in different ways. Your Untamed Fingerling will also react to clapping and if you blow in his face. If you are very brave try hanging him upside down! When it is time for our dino to rest cradle them in your hands and they will go to sleep.

Our video below shows us putting some of these interactions to the test.

What Did Ethan Love About His Untamed by Fingerlings Raptor Dino?

Ethan is a cause and effect boy. Having a toy that responds to him is always a hit. He has proudly shown off his new dinosaur friend at school. Blaze makes a great addition to our Fingerling collection.

untamed fingerlings raptor dino blaze

What Do We Love About The Untamed by Fingerlings Raptor Dino?

Blaze is very easy to control and interact with. It isn’t hard to make him respond to you how you intend. He feels very robust and although he shouldn’t be thrown around I feel he could handle a few unintended bumps. We love that the Fingerlings range has branched out into dinosaurs. The monkeys are very cute but sometimes ferocious can be fun. There is a lovely colourful selection of dinosaurs to choose from too.

The Untamed by Fingerlings range has an RRP of £17.00 and are for ages 6+.


DISCLOSURE – We were gifted the Untamed by Fingerlings Raptor Dino Blaze for the purposes of this post and to create our YouTube video. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, and experiences of the products.

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