Sat Nav Offers – Sat Nav’s An Everyday Necessity?

It wasn’t that long ago that sat nav’s were considered a luxury. With the popularity of smart phones sat nav’s have moved over into being an everyday necessity. It is very rare that we ever get a map book out to plan a route. This was something I remember doing as a child when planning our holidays in England. It was all part of the fun and adventure. For local journeys we will normally use our smart phones. For longer journeys and Darren’s day job a stand alone sat nav is our preferred piece of kit. This year we actually invested in a new sat nav and I shopped around for the best sat nav offers. This helped us save money on our new piece of kit.

Sat Nav Offers Sat Navs An Everyday Necessity

Stand Alone Sat Nav’s Vs Smart Phone Maps

Both stand alone sat nav’s and smart phone maps can offer you the same options. They can both give you alternate routes if you want to avoid an area on the route they first suggest. They can both give you traffic alerts letting you know about accidents on your planned route and the time it will add to your journey. They can both also warn you about any speed cameras on your route. Not that you should be speeding! This option should help to prepare you for any drivers that might suddenly slow down. There are normally options so find the nearest petrol station or services that you may require.

If both options offer the same services why did we purchase a stand-alone sat nav? Our answer to this is simple. Network coverage and phone bill costs. When you use the map options on your phone you are eating into your data. With two children who love watching YouTube when out and about our data is very precious. On a daily basis Darren drives very long distances. If he relied solely on his phone I hate to think what would happen to his data bill.

Using Both The Stand Alone Sat Nav and Smart Phone in Tandem

During Darren’s working day and any long distance driving we tend to use both of our sat nav options together. The sat nav will be set for our final destination. If there are any traffic issues I will then use my smart phone to check the maps for an alternative route. Darren will also use his smart phone in the day to help plan his routes. He has even invested in a route-planning app.

The Smart Phone Maps Help Reduce Our Sons Anxiety

Just under a year ago we introduced Ethan to the maps on our smart phones. This has been the best thing we ever did. Through them he is learning about the world around him. He also remembers the places we have visited. Using the sat navs in our car can also help him on long journeys. It helps prepare him on where we are going and how long it will take to get there. It really helps to reduce all of our stress.

As you can see sat nav’s really are a necessity in our home. If you think a stand alone sat nav would suit your needs you can find some good deals on Latest Deals.

DISCLOSURE – This post is in collaboration with Latest Deals.

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