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Visiting PYM Kitchen in Marvel Avengers Campus

The new Marvel Avengers Campus* recently opened in the Walt Disney Studios Park*. We were lucky as it was the week before our visit to Disneyland Paris during the summer holidays. I was very lucky to be able to book a reservation at PYM Kitchen. I didn’t know much about this restaurant when we booked but I was excited about being able to try one of the new restaurants in Disneyland Paris. Stark Factory was the other restaurant opening at the Marvel Avengers Campus.

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Visiting PYM Kitchen in Marvel Avengers Campus

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PYM Kitchen Themeing

The PYM Kitchen is an experimental lab restaurant. It offers a buffet meal where the chefs have been able to use Ant-Man and The Wasp’s PYM Particle technology. Creating unusually-sized mains and snacks by shrinking and growing the ingredients. It costs €42 for adults and €30 for children to eat there. This price includes a soft drink. If you would like to try a speciality drink that will cost extra.

pym kitchen restaurant sign disneyland paris

The restaurant has a very clean-cut lab feel. There are lab-style tongs to pick up some of the food items. They also use science beakers for sauces, drinks and even some food items.

buffet poster pym kitchen disneyland paris

The art decorations around the restaurant include Ant-Man and The Wasp. Displaying their adventures with the different-sized food.

ant man holding large carrot pym kitchen artwork
ant man building asparagus tower pym kitchen artwork
ant man riding ant pym kitchen artwork

Our Meal at PYM Kitchen

We booked a dinner reservation at PYM Kitchen, arriving at 6.30 pm. This was actually a good time to enter the restaurant as a queue formed at the entrance quite quickly after we were seated. After being seated our drinks order was taken and then we were free to explore the buffet.


The buffet’s main selling points are the Subatomic Burger, Mini Burgers, Subatomic Bretzel, Giant and Mini Hot Dogs. Between us, we tried all of these items. The one thing I would look out for is we have found that red meat in France is cooked medium. This has caught us out in the past. The giant burger was cooked this way. The children took the mini burgers from the children’s section. They were cooked well done.

subatomic bretzel
giant hot dog

Little E is a big salad eater, she had lots of fun raiding the salad bar options. Ethan was happy eating his fill of mini burgers and mini chips. Both Darren and I tried many of the food options on offer. There was something to suit all of our tastes and I really enjoyed my mains.

buffet choices pym kitchen disneyland paris


As a family, we do love our sweet treats and there was a nice selection here. Little E was able to eat chocolate cake and I had the red velvet option. There was strawberry mousse and different types of fruit tarts and cheesecakes. There is also the option of cheese and biscuits.

desserts pym kitchen disneyland paris

The real highlight for Ethan was jelly in the beakers. There was a red or blue option but red was the favourite on our table.

ethan holding red jelly

The video below gives you an insight into all of the food options available at the PYM Kitchen.

Would We Eat Here Again?

We all had an enjoyable meal at the PYM Kitchen. We left with full tummies and no complaints. I’m glad we ate here during our trip but I think we would only really return if we purchase a meal plan*. It’s fun to see the different-sized food but there isn’t really any other pull than that if not on a meal plan. It’s a shame you can’t meet Ant-Man and The Wasp here. You can meet them outside at a meet and greet but we missed that opportunity.

We love sharing our Disneyland Paris adventures on our blog. Make sure you visit our Disneyland Paris Trips and Experiences post to read all about them.

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