Walt Disney World – Day 4 – EPCOT – Spaceship Earth and Daisy Duck

We made our way into Spaceship Earth, at this time of day the queue was nice and short so we didn’t have to wait long to find out what our future holds. 



We all fitted into one car and when it got to the part where your photo is taken Darren held Ethan up in the hope that it was his face that is chosen for the video. 
This is another ride we enjoy, a nice break and its interesting to see how technology has changed over the years. It then got to the section of the ride that you can select your options. Ethan loves a touch screen, he is a whizz on the iphone and ipad, if an object has a screen on it he expects that it has the touch screen option. This of course isn’t the case but I’m sure it is the way things are going. We had already had to fight him to select our language options so we let him loose and this is what he chose…
It was soon time to exit our car and venture back outside but not before Ethan had a play on the exit barriers.




We had already decided that if Ethan found something he enjoyed we would let him get on with it and not rush him away as this was his holiday so we stayed here for a while. We didn’t want to be those parents frog marching their kids around and then not letting the children enjoy the simple things and missing the magic. As my family know I have done enough frog marching in my time. This also meant we spent quite a lot of our time enjoying the kerbs in Hollywood Studio’s!
When we finally coaxed Ethan away we showed him the fountain and tried to show him how to make a wish. Trying to get him to throw a coin in the water took a while and he really wasn’t sure so in the end we did it for him but we forgot to make a wish!



Daisy Duck and Goofy weren’t that far from the fountain so we watched the queues to see if there was a short enough line to join. Goofy was very busy so we gave him a miss but we timed it just right to see Daisy.



By now it wasn’t that long before our Coral Reef reservation but we thought we had better make a little snack pit stop for Ethan as he had only eaten some chips for lunch and we knew he was still being quite fussy with his food choices so we made our way to The Land to see what we could pick up from Sunshine Seasons
It is definitely a different trip when you have a buggy as you have to find stroller parking and navigate that into your day. You can’t take the strollers into The Land so this all adds time to the day but we had plenty of time and just wanted to take things easy. 
We found a banana for Ethan in Sunshine Seasons which made me feel better as I knew he would probably be having chips again at dinner. He ate it all as well as some of a cookie that Darren had picked up for himself using a snack credit. 
We then decided to take the Living With the Land boat trip to see all the different plants before making our way to Coral Reef

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