Ethan’s Biggest Adventure – Walt Disney World!

Your Taking A Toddler To Disney – Are You Mad?!

We are asked this all the time along with ‘You know he won’t remember it right’?!

Yes there are days when we think we are mad and it doesn’t bother us that he won’t remember it because we will, and we will have the memories and photos to talk about when he is older. Granted when we booked the holiday we did think that Ethan would be using some words by now possibly even a little talking and it does make me sad that I can’t build up his excitement about the trip the weeks before we go. He does know who Mickey Mouse is as we get excited running around the room when Mickey Mouse Club House comes on in the morning. Ethan has no idea that we are going and I do try to tell him but I’m not sure if he understands what I’m talking about. I will be making Ethan a countdown the month before we go so that he has a visual reference of what we are talking about.

In hindsight this trip is happening at the perfect time for us because it is in the middle of us waiting for Ethan’s next appointments and all I feel like I have been doing for the last few months is watching Ethan for signs of autism. So we can go and enjoy being big kids, have fun and forget about everything else.

So Why Disney?

Disney is a big part of our lives I would say that its more my passion than Darren’s but he embraces it. He even agreed to getting married there having never visited Florida before.

disney wedding cinderellas carriage rain
disney wedding epcot fireworks

Officially this is Ethan’s second Disney trip as I was pregnant when we visited Disneyland Paris for my 30th birthday.

Really Ethan hasn’t had much choice as you will see many of his clothes are Disney related and he has had a fantastic collection of hats!

Now we just count down the days looking forward to our first Disney trip as a family.

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