Walt Disney World – Day 7 – EPCOT – Mickey Mouse

We had already decided that we were happy with what we had seen and done at EPCOT previously so after breakfast we would head back to the hotel for some much needed pool time. Of course we couldn’t leave EPCOT without saying good morning to Mickey Mouse and his friends. 

We had missed the opening of the park so we weren’t the first people visiting Mickey that day but it was lovely and quiet as it was still quite early. 

It was my turn to have photos taken with Ethan and the characters and Darren took pictures on our camera. As you can see from the selection of photos below Darren’s photos weren’t brilliant that’s why we are so grateful of Disney’s Photopass service!

We saw Mickey first, by now Ethan was a pro at his high fives but he still wasn’t 100% sure about the characters and preferred to be held when seeing them.

Mickey Mouse EPCOT
Next it was Pluto, he was turning out to be Ethan’s favourite character of the trip. Ethan would always try to touch his nose and always go in for a cuddle, it was so sweet to see.




And lastly we saw Minnie, she gave us both a kiss on our hands to say hello. 


Minnie Mouse EPCOT


Minnie Mouse EPCOT
With our daily Mickey fix complete we made our way out of EPCOT and towards the buses stopping at one photopass points along the way, the pool was calling… 


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