What’s The Story – Cinderella’s Slipper

I love taking part in the What’s the Story linky over at PODcast especially as it’s given me the chance to look back at our wedding day and remember all of the little details. 

Details that we spent ages discussing, details that we wanted to include because we wanted to include the magic of Disney into our day. Disney’s attention to detail is amazing and it’s the small details that make the Disney experience even more magical.  

This is why we included the glass slipper sorbet option into our meal. 

Cinderella's glass Slipper slipper sorbet
Where else but Walt Disney World can your sorbet course be delivered to you in an ice glass slipper, lit up with the colour of your choice. 


Cinderella's glass Slipper slipper sorbet


5 thoughts on “What’s The Story – Cinderella’s Slipper”

  1. Wow how incredible Jane! I’m more amazed at every post I read, I fear I might actually explode next time! The attention to detail in every area is just phenomenal! Know I’ve said this before but it must have been such a magical wedding. Just love these posts, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

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