What’s The Story – The Beach

This photo was taken in-front of Disney’s Wedding Pavilion after our ceremony. This was a very popular location with the Disney Brides, and I was so pleased that we we able to have a photo taken here. The beach is man made, but I love the way that even though the Wedding Pavilion is in a location that, hundreds, if not thousands of people pass everyday on their way to the Magic Kingdom, it feels so private. 
Unfortunately we discovered this is no longer the case when we visited in 2012. The Grand Floridian hotel has been extended and this beach no longer exists. This is the photo we took when visited the Wedding Pavilion with Ethan. 
What this does mean is that we now have a rare wedding photo, any future Disney Brides will be unable to capture their wedding day in this way. 


4 thoughts on “What’s The Story – The Beach”

  1. Ahh it’s a shame they got rid of it but probably makes your memories more precious and unique too. Your dress and that photo look really lovely!

  2. Gosh what a change from your beautiful photograph. It looks like it was the most wonderful place to be, amazing you got to capture it. Thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

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