Zuru 5 SURPRISE Collectables Review

Collectable toys are all the rage now and both Ethan and Little E love watching collectable toy openings on you tube. ZURU Toys have released a new collectable range that combine the magic of unboxing with the thrill of collectable toys. They are called 5 SURPRISE and come in pink and blue versions. I knew that when we were invited to review this new product both children would be very happy.

Zuru 5 SURPRISE Collectables Review

The 5 SURPRISE Range

Each 5 SURPRISE capsule gives you five toys to unbox. This is achieved as each capsule features five sealed segments. You can choose to collect either blue capsules or pink capsules. There are 150 toys to collect in the blue capsules and 150 toys to collect in the pink capsules. This means there are over 300 toys to collect in the 5 SURPRISE Range.


Each 5 SURPRISE contains two small and three large segments. Each segment has an exciting toy inside, and thousands of possible combinations of toys! You might get putty and slime, funky DIY jewellery, glitter pens, colour changing characters, action figure ninjas or silly bands to name just a few. You can swap toys with your friends to build he ultimate 5 SURPRISE collection!

Zuru 5 SURPRISE blue CollectablesZuru 5 SURPRISE pink Collectables

Each 5 SURPRISE capsule is priced at £5.99 and are available from all major retailers.

Our Thoughts of The 5 SURPRISE Range

Both children were very excited to open their 5 SURPRISE toys. I filmed us opening the capsules. Ethan opened the blue capsules first and Little E opened the pink ones.

Ethan’s Blue 5 SURPRISE Collectables

Zuru 5 SURPRISE blue Collectables

Ethan quickly got the hang of opening each segment of his capsules. Ethan being Ethan he was more interested in the opening than the toys themselves. Unfortunately Ethan wasn’t that lucky with the 5 SURPRISE draw as both capsules contained the same toys. This was a car, silly bands, a ninja, a ball and water balloons.

Zuru 5 SURPRISE ninjas

I think I was more disappointed than him but that is the name of the game with surprise toys and part of the fun. You never know what toys you are going to get.

Little E’s Pink 5 SURPRISE Collectables

Little E also quickly got the hang of opening her segments. She was very lucky and got ten different toys from her two capsules. Little E got the following toys, silly bandz, a hair clip, a pony, two mermaids, a butterfly ring, a cute pet, a dress up princess, some stickers and an ice lolly highlighter.

Zuru 5 SURPRISE mermaids  Zuru 5 SURPRISE ponies Zuru 5 SURPRISE dress up princess Zuru 5 SURPRISE stickers

Little E loved all of her surprises and has played with them for hours. She has always been into little toys so the 5 SURPRISE capsule was always going to be a hit with her.

In every capsule you also receive a Collectors Guide. It clearly shows you all the toys you can collect. Perfect for when you want to start swapping with your friends.

Zuru 5 SURPRISE collectors guide

Our 5 SURPRISE Verdict

I really love the 5 SURPRISE idea. I think they are the perfect reward toy for your children and they don’t break the bank. For the price I think the toys inside are of the right quality. I must admit I was disappointed with Ethan’s blue toy selection more than the pink. But they really is because our blue capsules contained identical items. I would like to see if we have better luck with another blue version. Little E really enjoyed her gifts and I can see this being a requested item from the toy shop for her.

DISCLOSURE – We were gifted four 5 SURPRISE capsules for the purposes of this post and our YouTube Videos. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs and experiences of the products.

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