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Meeting Iggle Piggle At In The Night Garden Live

Ethan loved watching In The Night Garden when he was a toddler. It was part of his evening routine and even now he will happily watch it on YouTube. When the In The Night Garden Live tickets were released for sale this year we thought it would be nice for Ethan to see it one last time. Being eight I knew he would be one of the oldest children there. I also know that Ethan could still possibly enjoy this show for many more years to come. When you book the tickets you are given the option to book a character meet and greet for an extra £15. Having previously met Upsey Daisy I thought it would be nice to meet Iggle Piggle. This is our experience of meeting Iggle Piggle at In The Night Garden Live.

meeting iggle piggle

When booking the character tickets you are informed that the waiting time for the character meet and greet is dependent on when you book. The sooner you book the higher you will be on the list, therefore you will have a shorter waiting time. As Ethan has autism I noted this down on the booking and we were emailed to say that we would be placed near the start of the list to reduce his waiting time and minimise any stress for him.

As soon as the show had ended we headed outside to the character waiting area. We were the second family to be called to meet Iggle Piggle. This year they also text us on our mobiles to let us know it was our time to meet a character. I was impressed that they had all of our additional information about Ethan in the system and I didn’t have to make anyone aware of his needs.

Meeting Iggle Piggle

Our time with Iggle Piggle was amazing. Ethan was in his element and loved the stones they had in Iggle Piggle’s room. He was counting them and jumping on them. Ethan also gave Iggle Piggle a kiss on his nose and a real cuddle. Little E followed Ethan’s lead giving out kisses and cuddles and had lots of fun.

Our time with Iggle Piggle wasn’t rushed and they took five photos. We could also take our own photos and video. The official photo is included in the price of the meet and greet. We collected our chosen photo after our visit. I’m so glad we added meeting a character to our tickets it was a fantastic moment for our children.

meeting iggle piggle in the night garden live

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