I Was Cinderella For The Day

They say that little girl’s dream of their wedding day from a young age. I can honestly say I don’t remember this but I can remember exactly when I knew I wanted to get married at Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World is somewhere I wanted to go from a young age. You used to be able to get holiday planning videos to watch and I would order them every year. I would drive my mum insane, and then at the age of 16 I got the chance to go there with my best friends family.

On our first day we visited the Magic Kingdom and as you took the ferry across Bay Lake they asked you to look to your left to view their new edition, the Wedding Pavilion.

It was at that point I knew I wanted to get married in the place where dreams come true. The seed was planted, I just needed to find my very own Prince Charming.

Twelve years later my dream came true. Darren had never visited America, let alone a Disney theme park and he embraced my wedding wish. I was going to be a Disney Bride!

Our wedding really was a magical day we were married at Disney’s Wedding Pavilion where Cinderella’s Castle is the view from the window at the altar. We traveled in Cinderella’s carriage pulled my six white miniature horses. A Major Domo delivered our rings to the ceremony. Our wedding cake was topped with a solid white chocolate castle. Mickey and Minnie Mouse were our very special guests. Our sorbet course was served in Cinderella slippers made of ice. We had a dessert party at EPCOT followed by our own private viewing area for the fireworks. We even had a photo shoot at the Magic Kingdom park so that we could have photos with Cinderella’s castle.

I really was Cinderella for the day!



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